Starting Fresh! Blog redesign and new server!

I just redesigned my blog as you can undoubtedly see. I really hope you like the new design. I will likely be tinkering with the design going forward to get it somewhere I am truly happy with it. Please give me any feedback you have and I will use it when I iterate on the design.

Starting Fresh

The WoW token news were obviously the major story this week. Being able to turn the token into balance means that gold is way more valuable right now than it used to be. So I realized i need to up my game and start playing the Auction House on more than one server.

I outlined my starting moves on Ravencrest back in October in the first post on this site. At the time I was planning on playing that Demon Hunter more. Unfortunately my friend on Ravencrest canceled his subscription shortly afterwards so i shelved my Demon Hunter. Now is the time to restart it though. I have already documented how I went from 2400 gold to 9000 by just flipping materials. I am currently at 70 gold! I have auctions listed for 13 000 gold though and another 1600 worth of Tome of the Tranquild Mind in my inventory.

So what did I do to get from 9000 to 14500?

My Demon Hunter is currently Enchanting and Inscription. Enchanting for the extra free gold from disenchanting and inscription because of Tome of the Tranquil Mind. I used both professions for two very simple recipes.

Ley Shatter for enchanting and the aforementioned tomes from Inscription. Milling Felwort for Sallow Pigments is extremely good. Usually the cost of a Sallow pigment from Felwort is around half the price of Sallow pigments on the Auction house. The Tome of the Tranquil Mind recipe is available from just picking up the scroll in the Inscription shop in Dalaran. The recipe takes on Sallow Pigment and 20 Light Parchments. Tomes are generally in very high demand as they are super useful for raiders. Profit margins are also surprisingly high. I have been turning literally all of my gold into tomes at the moment.

The Tomes have been a very nice seller on my main realm as well, so I strongly suggest crafting them. I post them in stacks of 1, but other stack sizes can be good as well.

I also bought a ton of Leylight Shards to turn into Arkhana. I bought the Leylights for 65-68 gold and Arkhana is 26g+. So the profit per shard is somewhere between 10-20g depending on how much the dust sells for. Hopefully the Wednesday enchanting rush will deplete the supply of arkhana so I can unload it at a premium.

I will continue to document my progress to see how fast I can make gold here. If it works out I will likely start on a third server as well. With the potential for cross server arbitrage by using gold to pay for transfers it is looking extremely attractive to have presences on multiple servers.


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