Starting legendaries on a new realm

I decided to start legendaries on a new realm, so let’s look at how I’m going to go about this endeavour.

The realm

I just picked one of the high population realms I have characters that are already level 50, so Sylvanas Alliance it is. I have two level 50s and a level 49 character here, which means I can cover all the legendary professions alongside enchanting at level 49.

Limited gold

I just have 1.4 million gold on this realm and I’m not planning to transfer in more. I thought it would be instructive for you guys to see how I would get started relatively speaking from scratch. This means I will have to focus in on which recipes to level, as I absolutely do not have enough gold to level them all.


To get going I need to do a couple of things: level my legendary crafters to level 60, level professions, farm reputation with one of the reputations that sell Orboreal Shards to save gold.

I will also want to level my legendary recipes as soon as possible so I can start generating gold with the recipes, I need to make some gold with rank 4 and 6 if possible so I can level a couple of more recipes before 9.2. I’ll have to balance this alongside staying liquid enough to actually make gold when 9.2 rolls around, so this will not be trivial.

The setup

My Paladin is already close to 60, and I have started working on The Ascended rep with him. He’ll be the orboreal shard buyer, as well as have blacksmithing and jewelcrafting. My druid will have leatherworking and tailoring, which leaves my 49 shaman for enchanting materials.

First recipe plan

I want to level a recipe with good sales now, that will also be strong in 9.2 first. The big winner here is clearly the various leg armors, in particular plate, cloth and leather. I’ll prioritize these three recipes first as they cover a wide variety of classes and specs and are generally very popular slots.

Next up

The next recipes will have to be deferred. We have to wait to see what final tuning looks like, which we won’t really know until the week before the patch. Obviously head, chest and legs are the main slots players will priotize whenever possible, so some combination of these will be the main play.

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