Status update 2: 30 days to a token round 2

Things are going well. I’ve spent way more time on the challenge than I thought I would, and we’re off to a flying start so far. In AH value I’m already approaching a full EU token, so this should work pretty well!

The rules

  • 1 character, which is a completely fresh level 120
  • No brutosaur
  • 1 realm obviously
  • I start with 11 699 gold (This is what I got leveling from 110-120 while vendoring every single drop.)
  • I start with level 1 professions
  • I start with the materials I got from leveling 110-120


  • Played time: 1 day 12 Hours 36 Minutes
  • Liquid Gold: 6 568 Gold
  • Ah Value: 163 607 Gold
  • Total gold Acquired: 134 144 gold
  • Gold from auctions: 100 013 gold

What did I do?

The challenge is now full speed ahead. As you can see from the stats I’ve generated a lot of /played. Several hours have been AFK or semi-afk, but it’s still quite a bit of gameplay. 

If we compare this to the last time I did this I am miles ahead. Not surprising as I spent a LOT more time in game this time around. I’ve done a lot of switching back and forth as I play classic on the other account, so I have no idea how much is actual gameplay. 

That being said, what I’ve done so far is: Level inscription and cooking to max, post food, inscription gear, tomes etc. I’ve also been filling all my downtime with fishing as this turned out to be by far the best farming method. I’ve been doing schools in Uldum mostly, and I’ve sold two gloops (the battle pet that drops). 


Sales are quite strong. I’ve sold a couple of Highborne Compendiums, which is really nice. You can also see the two gloops, even if the price is not particularly impressive (it goes for 11k on some realms). 

I’ve found that visions and questing in the assaulted zones gives a lot of raw gold to keep the crafting going, so that’s very nice. 

I ended up processing all the inks I had in my inventory last week and I’ve used it to level inscription / to craft tomes to sell. 


At this point Uncanny off hand items is my biggest value, followed by the highborne trinkets and lastly all the food. 

Uncanny gear seems quite highly contested on this realm. I did not really check what the population situation was like, and I may be on the lower side of the server. It is one for new players so I expect overall population to be low, it certainly seems that way on the AH. 

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