Status update 3: 30 days to a token v.2

We are now 17 days into the challenge, and things are going incredibly well. I am far ahead of schedule, and I should finish the challenge around day 20 or 21 depending on how this week goes!

The rules

  • 1 character, which is a completely fresh level 120
  • No brutosaur
  • 1 realm obviously
  • I start with 11 699 gold (This is what I got leveling from 110-120 while vendoring every single drop.)
  • I start with level 1 professions
  • I start with the materials I got from leveling 110-120


  • Played time: 2 days 19 Hours Minutes
  • Played since the last update: 1 day 7 hours
  • Liquid Gold: 144 833 Gold
  • Ah Value: 119 857 Gold
  • Gold from auctions: 354 284 gold

What did I do?

First things first, my /played stat is still really high. I’ve done significantly less pure goldmaking this week though, doing stuff like visions, assaults, LFR and some mythic dungeons. I’ve also logged quite a bit of AFK time from the home office, but I’m planning to just stick to reposting for the remainder of the challenge. 

Overall my sales, AH value and liquid gold are all well on par. My gold has been increasing by an average of 18k per day this week. My AH value has trended down, but that’s probably because I’ve been undercutting heavily in my most expensive markets, as well as farming significantly less. 

Outside of restocking Highborne Compendiums and food I’ve done some LFR in Nyalotha, some mythic dungeons, some quests and stuff like that. I also ran a couple of emissary caches, and I went through all of MoP and WoD LFR for some vendor gold when I was bored. 

I feel like I’ve overdone it with /played this time, as my average this week is in excess of 4 hours, which is not in the casual territory at all. Last time around I spent about half the time I did by day 17 for the first 3 weeks. This time I hit the bump where my sales took off on the second week, rather than the fourth, so I really did something right. Farming more early on certainly helped, it may also be that I found better fast markets right away this time. Either way I’ll finish the challenge by just casually reposting, rather than going hard the last 13 days. 

I’ve also done some vendor shuffling with Cards of Omens. They were probably not worth it overall as I invested way too much gold in my garrison early, but it’s always nice to have some vendor shuffling going on. 


As you can see I sold a large number of Highborne Compendiums. I have been agressively driving the price down on these to increase my sale rate, and it has worked really well. My crafting cost is a little over 2000 gold, so 4000 is still a great price. I also sold some glyphs, and I’ve done the same thing with the Humble Flyer price, dropping it from 4000 to 1500 to drive sales. The Vantus rune has also sold well, even if the profit isn’t amazing at rank 1. 

If we look at the second screenshot we see my volume sales. All the 8.3 food has been selling really well for me, and the the profit margin and volume are both great, bringing in a lot of gold. 


This time around my inventory is dominated by food. All the 8.3 foods, as well as the uncanny combatant offhands and highborne compendiums are all among my top value items. I still haven’t sold a single off-hand, so I’m driving the price down to make them more attractive. My crafting cost is in the 3700 range, so even at 5-6000 they are a good deal, especially as I look to finish the challenge. 

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