Struggling to make gold? Here are my favorite reliable recipes!

Dragonflight has been a difficult expansion to make gold in, so today I’ll show you all my current crafters and how I’m using them as well as the major pitfalls I’ve met.


I have 3 main crafters in Dragonflight, my main which is enchanting/Inscription, an alchemist/Engineer and a Jewelcrafter/tailor. In addition I have 2 crafter’s I don’t actively use covering JC/BS and BS/LW, which lets me craft plate armor and weapons for myself, as well as prospecting with jewelcrafting. Lastly I have a tailor/Jewelcrafter that I use for cloth cooldowns and ring crafting.

My current profession successes

We’ll go through the professions I use in order, ending with what I consider the most consistent build right now. One big issue with professions in DF is that everything you want to sell on the AH has to be sold on the Region WIde AH. Markets are incredibly competitive, and interestingly prices are not that stable. You need to be very careful when both buying and selling, and in particular you need to sell out your stock before the weekly cycle cools down and you end up losing gold. This means we favor items with stable demand and prices quite a bit, even if the ones that vary have more potential, they are a lot riskier.


Current build 

I like engineering a lot. My build started out all over the place, but it now covers most of the relevant bases. Ammo and scopes have been a very mixed bag for me with pricing, but some items that have been good include the various intermediate materials, the zapthrottle soul inhaler and the optional stat reagent gears. Engineering is something you can make consistent gold with, but do make sure you have multiple profession tools, it’s an absolute necessity.


Current Build 

Enchanting has been a mixed bag to put it mildly. I’m fairly certain I have lost a ton of gold on weapon enchants, as prices on both materials and items have varied a huge amount. Lately I’ve only been doing profession tool enchants, ring, cloak and bracers as well as boots. Most of these are cheaper, and both the materials and finished items tend to be a lot more stable in price. It’s a lot less in raw profit, but it is actually steady gold.

I’m working on getting enough skill to guarantee q3 writ weapon enchants next, which I’m very interested in seeing how it works out.


Current build 

I’ve mostly just dabbled in inscription, but it has potential. Vantus runes are looking quite good, but I’ve not done any huge sessions. Q3 weapon runes are also huge from a sale rate perspective, but the price can vary quite a lot on the finished items, making it extremely dependent on your profession stats. Outside of that there’s not much of value here, although with the decrease in public orders you can usually get a small amount of gold doing treatises throughout the week, especially on the reset day.


Current Build 

Jewelcrafting has overall been fantastic for me. I can craft all the rank 3 rare gems at q3 guaranteed and they sell really well. Profit vary abit, but usually they are extremely high around the reset and reasonable the rest of the week, before cratering on Monday. You only make money from multicraft/resourcefulness procs most of the time, so you have to do volume, and getting max quality profession tools is a huge deal.


Current Build 

This is my favorite profession at the moment. I’m just doing the cooldown cloth build. The cooldown ensures that supply is very limited, and keeps the prices nice and profitable. I’m probably going to swap in tailoring on one of my characters, as it is pretty great. The cloth sells really quickly, or you can utilize it yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Struggling to make gold? Here are my favorite reliable recipes!

  1. I love how making gold with professions is now completely RNG based. You have over 50 points more in Enchanting than I do and I have been doing all the profession stuff weekly. Meaning youve gotten more random KP drops than I have. I hate this new system so much. I was barely making gold as it was, now I’m making nothing.

  2. Which rank 3 gems are selling? I can craft all of them, but i doubt they all sell.

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