Tailoring is a very NICE profession to make gold with! Cataclysm tailoring gold guide

Today we will take a look at how you can make gold with tailoring in Cataclysm Classic. It’s a very popular raiding profession, and thankfully it has some profit potential on the side!


One very nice profit opportunity in Tailoring is related to the BoP crafted material. As a tailor you can craft dreamcloth from 5 different weekly cooldown recipes. They cost 8 Bolt,s of embersilk and 30 of one of the volatiles. TDreamcloth is used to craft the BoE epics, as well as the most popular spellthread. You can also craft more without a cooldown with 4 chaos orbs instead of the volatiles.

This ensures that supply of dreamcloth is fairly limited, and that all of the recipes that require it will generally sell far above material cost, as you can’t mass craft them. This makes tailoring a very good profession for lower level alts, even having multiple alts to get more dreamcloth is valuable.

Valuing your cloth correctly is importan!

If we are just using the cooldowns then you want to calculate the average cost of the cooldowns to get the price of dreamcloth. If that is too high you could obviously remove the most expensive materials. Either way I suggest changing the material value of dreamcloth to the string below which is the average cost of the 5 cooldowns. You set it under /tsm crafting → reports → materials as in the screenshot below.


Craft the good stuff

With this in place we can actually use TSM to get an idea of what is the most profitable craft is. Obviously you need to divide the profit of the belt or pants by 4 or 6 to get the profit per cloth, but all of them should be profitable. Personally I would lean towards prefering the belt or the spellthread, as then you are guaranteed to craft and sell something every week with 5 cooldowns.

PvP Gear

I have also had great success selling the PvP gear, mostly the profit has been in the 525 skill required gear, which is the helm, robes and pants. Eventually the leveling slots should also be profitable, but that might be far off.


The Embersilk bag was a staple for me back in the day, but so far it has been selling for material costs. I suspect players are still using it for leveling their professions, as players realize they can sell them for very close to the material price. Hopefully it will change, and if you are doing your own disenchanting it’s possible you can get your dust cheaper and see some profits here, the sale rate will be there for sure.

TSM Setup

Below is my group for posting tailoring items to the AH. It does not have crafting operations for any of the Dreamcloth recipes, as for those you will want to adapt to whatever cloth you have. Outside of the I keep 2 of any profitable PvP pieces in stock!


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