TBC Goldmaking: Getting a warchest going for wrath

Wrath is on the horizon, and if you want the best start possible you will want to have a warchest of gold to level professions and buy crafted pre-bis gear. So let’s look at what you can do right now to build a warchest for wrath.


Farming is always a useful method of goldmaking. I don’t personally enjoy it, but if you do, then go ahead and do it. TBC Materials are petering off, but there’s good demand for classic materials, and this will only go up with pre-patch, particularly metals for all the DKs leveling engineering and jewelcrafting.

Materials only used in high-end TBC recipes will eventually taper off, but current expansion markets typically don’t die out until the last couple of weeks before the next expansion launches.

Classic era herbs are also a great candidate, with Inscription on the horizon.

Material flipping

Material flipping is my favorite beginner goldmaking market in classic. I would in particular suggest flipping classic era materials right now. Players have started buying materials to level new professions for wrath, which will cause very streaky buying patterns, perfect for flipping.

There’s also a not insignificant chance we see some serious increases in prices with the pre-patch (although this is not guaranteed). In general, buy at 80% dbmarket, sell at 100% in nice neat stack sizes and enjoy your gold!

Crafting professions

There’s still tons of players raiding, gearing alts and playing the game. This means we still see demand for consumables. bags, gear and all the rest. I’m still seeing sales across all of the crafting professions i utilize. Even pre-raid crafted gear still sells for a profit.

Enchanting shuffles

This requires it’s own paragraph. Enchanting shuffles are fantastic as players both now and in the near future will re-level or level professions. In wrath Enchanting is a lot better from a goldmaking perspective as you can enchant vellums, so I expect a lot of players to get enchanters ready for Wrath. My top recommendations are mageweave cloth into Vision dust with the White Bandit Mask and Runecloth into Dream Dust through the Runecloth belt. Netherweave cloth in Arcane Dust with the Netherweave belt can also be good. TSM will show you the value of disenchanting the item in the tooltip, so just compare the crafting cost to the disenchant value to figure out if it is profitable and disenchant away.


If you can get in as a pumper, then this will get you gold for raiding you would potentially do regardless. You can also potentially get paid for gearing an alt (although I haven’t actually ran any GDKPs as I don’t currently play the classic end-game). While rumours abound of the RMT side of things, the actual in-game activity is allowed, and if you want to optimize your gold totals for Wrath then this is a tool you should use.

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