TBC Goldmaking: Making gold with the phase 2 raid recipes

Edit: It turns out I can barely read and a lot of these items are BoP, that’s embarassing for me, but shit happens. I’ll make sure to not get it wrong on the next one!

Phase 2 introduces a lot of new recipes to the game, some of which are very relevant for crafting. Let’s take a look at some of the better ones.

New gear

The new recipes primarily come from the raids. Sadly a good number of them require Nether Vortexes which is a BoP material that only drops from the raids. I doubt these will be spent on anything but in-guild crafting for a while. Now luckily there are some recipes from P2 that do not require Nether Vortex, but only the good old Primal nethers from Heroic dungeons, which makes them a lot more attainable for crafting.

We’ll go through the gear professions and look at what they get.


Blacksmiths get four new recipes, two sets of boots and two belts. The belts requires Nether Vortex and are less relevant. For boots they can get the Boots of the Protector, which is a paladin item, and Red Havoc Boots. The Boots of the Protector is a relevant item for Prot paladins, whereas the Red havoc Boots get outclassed by other options for prot warriors. Since it’s for tanks demand will be relatively low, but not zero. The overall value here is on the low side though as DPS and healers significantly outnumber tanks.


Leatherworkers get a whooping eight recipes from the raids. Once again they get boots and belts, with the boots only requiring Primal nethers and thus being a lot more relevant for goldmaking. The gear covers 4 niches, leather tank, leather physical damage, mail physical damage and mail caster dps. The Boots of Natural Grace are good for druid tanks, and might see some demand. For caster DPS the options are outclassed by what tailoring offers sadly. The physical damage boots of Utter Darkness are also relevant for both rogues, hunters and enhancement shamans, so this item should see some very good demand for anyone not getting lucky with boots. The other boots are less desireable, and are unlikely to show significant demand.


Tailors get 4 recipes, two belts and two boots. As with the others we will only focus on the boots as you are unlikely to be able to sell the belts (although the Belt of Blasting is BiS for pretty much every caster, so that one will be highly sought after). The two boots cover healers and casters respectively. The Caster boots of Blasting are very good. The itemization is incredible for raiding and these will be very popular. The Boots of the Long Road for healers represent a good second option in most cases. There are better drops, but these are easy to get, not too expensive and very good.


Tailoring has by far the best selection here. Both boots should see considerable demand and the crafting cost is not too high. Overall you should be able to sell these at a very good clip and if you can get your hands on these recipes you should!

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2 thoughts on “TBC Goldmaking: Making gold with the phase 2 raid recipes

  1. Hello there, really enjoy your content, especially your TSM Guide is my go-to source when building operations, keep it up!
    On this post you had a major oversight. The recipes requiring only Primal Nether all craft Bind on Pickup items!

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