TBC Phase 2 rundown

TBC phase 2 is on the horizon, and some of the features have already made it live, with some QoL changes being added this week. It’s time for a quick overview and any goldmaking things to focus on.

What are we getting?

The main part of phase 2 is of course the new raids, with Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep starting the real 25-man raiding. In addition to this we get a new arena season, two new reputations and new items around time. Overall there’s not much in terms of new recipes, but the markets will still be shaken up a bit.

Back to raiding

New raids means more raiding, which usually means more consumables. Flasks, buff foods and potions should sell well, and the harder the raids are the better for goldmaking purposes. We’ll have to see exactly where it shakes out, but consumables should be strong regardless. There’s no meaningful changes in class balance, so re-gearing will not be an issue. With new gear, certain p1 bis crafted items will likely sell slower than they did, but crafted gear should still be ok. Jewelcrafting will also continue to be strong.

Resistance gear

Some of the bosses will likely require resistance gear as I covered in my earlier post. This is definitely something to look into if you haven’t already as you can still potentially nab some sales as players do their last minute prep.

New recipes

The new raids will have a good chunk of armor patterns dropping. The BoE items will require the BoP material Nether Vortex that can drop from Lady Vashj and Kaelthas. That will severely limit the economical impact of these recipes, as the materials will likely go to guild crafters to ensure you can get whichever pieces you need for your guild.

Guild banks!

Guild banks are coming! They are actually already out. Obviously this offers you the opportunity to get a lot more storage space on your banker by getting your own personal guild. This has been ultra popular since guild banks came out and now is the time to bribe some people to sign your guild charter!


The biggest thing the new phase will bring is activity. New phases means returning players and activity in the markets. Enjoy it while the gold is flowing!

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