The 30 days to a token challenge: let’s take a look at professions on my realm

The realm I’ll be doing the 30 days to a token challenge on will be Trollbane EU. In this post I’ll take a quick look at prices for crafting professions to get an idea of which professions are likely to be worth it.

Rank 1 recipe limitations

My character will be a fresh 120, which means no reputation. I will probably not have access to any rank 3 recipes, so we can rule out a couple of professions straight off the bat. Alchemy will be a no go, as will crafting enchants. Inscription is also mostly valuable with rank 3 card recipes. 

The armor professions can be relevant, as can prospecting as well as the enchanting shuffle, so we will focus on those. To do this we will of course usemy spreadsheet to get an idea of which recipes are profitable, and which aren’t. 



Blacksmithing looks quite attractive. Prices are quite high across the board for the sinister combatant gear. This is definitely an extremely interesting market to look at. The one issue is of course the capital requirements. Crafting costs start at 2k gold, and I will likely start the challenge with about 5-10k, which is not a lot of pieces. 



Jewelcrafting is a bit of a mixed bag. Prospecting platinum Ore has a profit margin of about 25%, which isn’t terrible, but not amazing either. Gem prices are kind of low across the board. Weapons have a huge crafting costs, which essentially makes them uninteresting. The uncommon rings have a nice profit margin, but the sale rate is quite low, so it will not be enough on it’s own. Overall this is a candidate, mostly for prospecting, but not looking too good. 



Once again the armor is looking very attractive profitability wise. Profit margins are in the 100-300% range, and crafting costs are actually lower than for Blacksmithing. An issue is that tailoring bracers have a lower crafting cost, so I would have to go tailoring for the Expulsom. We also see that the enchanting shuffle is not profitable at all with the leatherworking crafts. 



The Sinister combatant armor is yet again profitable, even if it looks significantly less attractive than leatherworking. The enchanting shuffle is quite profitable as well for the tailoring bracers, so this is definitely an opportunity. The Bags can also bring in some nice gold, especially if I do some dungeons to get some Hydrocores for the Embroidered bag, which is profitable even at rank 1. This is also the best way to get expulsom. 


I’m not going to show the recipes here as they are all in the red. The only reason to pick this is for the enchanting shuffle, which is a nice easy way to generate gold. The advantages are many, especially for newer players. You can easy do this in both smaller and larger batches. The items sell very quickly and are always in demand. 

What looks promising?

Based on this data I think tailoring + enchanting will be my choice when I hit 120. Then I can use the enchanting shuffle to start generating profits alongside material flipping. Eventually I will add sinister combatant gear and bags as well. I’ll probably swap out enchanting for leatherworking or blacksmithing once I can afford to craft expulsom in larger batches, as they both look much better from a goldmaking view, the one risk is of course 8.2 which will devalue my stock of sinister gear, so if we get some more news about that this may change. 

Overall I think the market looks pretty good, particularly for tailoring so this will be fun!

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One thought on “The 30 days to a token challenge: let’s take a look at professions on my realm

  1. Love your stuff. I do have a question for you since you know a decent about TSM and such. My main character is a Tailor/Enchanter and I just recently got the enchanting trade tool, which significantly increases the amount of dust I can get from greens. On average, I get 7-9 dust per tidespray linen bracers, and right now, gloom dust sells fairly high, to over 100% db value when I need dust to re stock on my enchants.

    Is there a good way to setup a tailoring/enchanting craft flip for when I need to restock dust to say I need to craft X number of bracers to DE to get the dust I need? Or even advice on setting up an AH flip system with the enchanting tool? Thanks

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