The effects of 9.0.5

9.0.5 is upon us. I should actually have written this post a week ago, but it just got lost. So let’s look at what the patch contains and what that means.

What’s in the patch

First we gotta take a look at what is in the patch obviously. 9.0.5 is primarily a tuning patch and obviously there are no huge changes. Covenant abilities, legendaries and pvp talents are the main things getting tuned. Coincidentally this will also be the reset when cross realm mythic Nathria opens.

Legendary buffs means more legendaries

This is obviously the biggest factor. Many players will want to craft and test out the new legendaries. Of particular note is the Exploiter legendary for warriors which is currently incredibly powerful in PvP on the PTR. It can go on shoulders or rings, so those two stats should do quite well if the item makes it in in it’s current form. The effect will likely be strongest on the lower ilvl tiers as players get rank 1 or 2 versions of the legendaries. There are many others getting buffs, so check out theorycrafting discords or pvp forums to get an idea of which legendaries players are planning to go. Missives will likely see a similar resurgence, so get those missives going.

Coventant tuning doesn’t matter much

Covenant ability tuning is incredibly unlikely to have any meaningful impact on goldmaking. There is very little tied to goldmaking that is effected by covenant choice, so overall I don’t think this will matter much at all.

Cross realm Mythic means increased BoE supply

It will now be much easier to make trash-farming groups for mythic ilvl BoEs. Prices will likely start trending down as more players get access to groups farming shriekwing. On some high pop realms things might not change much as they likely had access to groups, but across the entire region we should expect prices to fall.

Valor gearing from m+

With the return of valor points mythic+ will now be a better source of gearing. I suspect this will lead to a slight resurgence in m+ playing, but it should not really impact markets much outside of seeing some small increases in demand for consumables.

Legendaries is the big one

Honestly I don’t think any of the changes outside of legendaries matter from a goldmaking perspective. Focus on the slots that get cool new powers and go crafting and stocking them as usual. I expect rank 1s will be the top seller and there may be temporary sell outs for certain rank 1s and rank 2s over the next couple of resets, so pay attention.

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