The math of the Brutosaur

I recently redid my 30 days to a token challenge for patrons only, which means we have some nice juicy data on the current status of goldmaking methods. 

Getting the Brutosaur

The Brutosaur will be removed from the vendor with the pre-patch. Likely dates are somewhere in the September to October Range. If we assume it’s coming the 30th of September, you have to make about 50 000 gold in profit per day to make it. So how would that look?

Modeling what is required

The basic idea here is to look at what sort of numbers you need to aim for in terms of items posted to the AH, sales per week and any other measures we can say something smart about. Obviously we need to get to 5 million, so profit is what matters. 

Crafting professions

I have very recent data from some crafting professions we can use. In the 30 days to a token challenge I primarily used blacksmithing and inscription, alongside cooking. OVerall the data will not be completely generaliseable. Obviously different mixes between professions and specific items will behave differently. That being said I think it will be a pretty good approach. 

Profit margin

For the profit margin we can get an estimate by taking my gold at the end and dividing it by my total sales. This won’t be perfect as it includes raw gold gains and it does not take the AH value I have left over. 

I had 175k at the end of the challenge, and I had generated 449k in AH sales. This translates to 38% profit margin. If we remove some raw gold we would probably be closer to 30%, but I did not track that specifically. 

Percentage of items that sells

On average over the 28 days I spent on the challenge I sold about 25% of my AH value per day. This did include 2-3 cancels and reposts per day usually, but some items would likely have sold regardless of this. 

If I had done only alchemy I’m sure this number would be way higher, if you do transmog it will be way lower. 

Sales required for 5 million golf profit

Using a 30 % profit margin you would need to generate about 21.7 million gold in sales. Obviously the higher you can get the profit margin, the lower the total sales you need to acquire get. If we average this out over the remaining days we get 217k in sales per day. This will require several high volume markets or a very broad AH size. 

Ah value needed for 217k in sales

If we use a similar mix to what I used for my token challenge you would have to have about 868k in AH value. It is unlikely you can sustain the same sale rate as your AH value increases though. If 10% of your auctions sell you would end up needing about 2.17 million gold on the AH to generate 217k in daily sales. Neither of these scenarios are impossible, but getting there will require a lot of crafting professions, and a lot of different items. 

Farming to get started is a necessity and will help significantly by reducing the total sales you need as farming is 100% profit margin. 

Good luck and happy hunting!

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