The road to 100 million begins

I wrote a while back that I wanted to set a more ambitious goal for Shadowlands. I’ll be aiming for 100 million, and will start documenting the journey today!

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Current status

As of right now I am sitting on 18.2 million gold spread over 10 different EU realms. This is a good basis to build from, and a bit down from my peak of 23 million back in August. Since then I have spent a decent chunk on tokens and invested for the long haul.

The plan

My general plan will be to flip high value items across multiple realms, like I have been doing in the past, but with a more focused approach, and to do crafting as well on my main realm.

I have two accounts and will be utilizing both of them to the max. I am considering starting some more realms, or even getting a third account so I can more effectively flip on more realms, but no specific plans there yet.

Recording my results

I already record my overall results whenever I clean out my mailboxes in an excel sheet. I can make graphs like this to look at my total gold over time, as we can see I had a great run during the winter and have been spending gold since then.

Profit per day

To reach my goal I need 82 million gold in profit. If I want to do that in a year, I would need an average daily profit of 224 000 gold. With my typical profit margin lying in the 30% range, I would need to generate about 900k in daily sales. Throughout the period I have data for in BfA my average mailbox size was 466k, and I only reposted every other day at most. As such I will have to increase my stock, my posting days, my realms or something else to get there. I will probably be experimenting with all of them and see what yields the most in results. I’m leaning towards more realms, but switching to 24 hours and reposting every day is also doable.

Status updates

As with my other challenges I will be posting weekly about how I’m doing. I’ll be tinkering with the status updates, as I am not quite sure how to best structure them or even analyze my performance across realms, but it will be fun to figure out!

Let’s go!

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One thought on “The road to 100 million begins

  1. Must be great to set a goal and actually reach it. Took me all of BFA to hit 1 mil and I’m having issues staying above it.

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