There’s an Alchemy trick that can make you a LOT of gold! Phase 2 SOD gold guide

Alchemy is the premier consumable profession, so let’s take a look at the best recipes for phase 2. 

Big numbers are fun

Most players who play WoW want to do a lot of damage. Generally they are very willing to pay for that privilege. Alchemy has a good chunk of damage increasing consumables, alongside a host of consumables that increase your survivability and both are strong sellers. 

Stat elixirs

The first group we want to look at are the various stat elixirs in the game. These all provide a stat boost usually for an hour. You can get a very sizeable amount of stats from these. For this phase the majority of these elixirs are from the trainers, but some have other sources and will have less competition. The one that really stands out here is the Lesser Arcane Elixir which only becomes available at Revered with the Waylaid Supplies reputation.


There are some very good utility recipes available now. Free Action Potions have been available since P1, and will still be very strong, particularly for the STV Event. In addition we can now craft Lesser Invis potions, which have been used in various skips and farms. Gnomeregan also has copious amounts of nature damage, and the Nature Protection potion is very good.


One important aspect of pricing right now is that materials are changing rapidly in price. This means the profit estimate in TSM can be wildly wrong, both in overestimating or underestimating the cost. This is due to the fact that the material price is based on prices over a 2 week period. There is no quick fix, but you should look at the tooltip of materials and see if the market value is significantly higher than the minimum buyout. If it is, you can change the price of any specific material. If you do this you will have to remember that you did, as you will at some point want to change back when prices stabilize. 

To change the price of a material you open the crafting window and go to reports → materials. Then you search up the material you want, click it and type in what you want in stead. I would suggest either setting the price to a specific silver or gold amount, or setting it to dbminbuyout.

TSM Settings

Below are TSM settings for the recipes mentioned in this post. As usual you want to craft what is profitable, and focus on reposting during prime time hours. In particular nature protection potions will spike around 7-9 on the day off the raid reset when everyone is running to do Gnomeregan.


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