These addons are an absolute game changer for Dragonflight Professions!

With the massive changes to professions in Dragonflight our old workhorse addon TSM isn’t quite up to snuff yet, so let’s look at to very useful addons for crafting profit.

SGT Craftcost

SGT is an addon suite made by Stroeckx who made the legendary stock tracker in Shadowlands. The CraftCost module is exceedingly simple. It just adds a crafting cost calculation to your profession window. It will show the value of the currently applied materials, as well as the cheapest possible combination, using TSM data for the value of the materials.

This is a simple way to check if an item is likely to be profitable or not, and can be used to decide if it’s worth it to do further analysis. The addon does now however include the value of profession stats, which is where the next addon comes in.


CraftSim is a very useful addon. It can calculate your best profession equipment for a given recipe, the expected profit taking all your stats into account as well as show the profit at various qualities you can reach for a given recipe.

Profit calculation

This is the most important function. There’s two important windows, the cost overview window, that shows a breakdown of the profit at the various quality levels you are capable of reaching. Then you have the average profit window. The Ø profit at the top is the average profit you will get per craft taking all procs into consideration, and below that is the value of getting 1 more of each of the crafting stats, so you can see how far off you are from profitability.

Material costs

You can pick the material costs yourself. CraftSim uses TSM pricing and the default is dbminbuyout. This does mean that the profit calculations can change quickly, and it will always represent whether or not it is profitable to craft and sell the item right now.

The addon can also calculate the best combination of materials to reach a given quality break point. For instance the cheapest combinations of herbs to reach the q2 guaranteed, q3 with an inspiration proc point which so often is where you make gold.

Optimal tools

CraftSim can also find the optimal tools for a given recipe. For some professions you will want to have both inspiration, multicraft and potentially a resourcefulness tool. CraftSim can then find the best for the job, and even tell you how much the average profit changes if you swap your tools. 

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