Transmog continued: Flipping transmog

Today I will teach you how to flip transmog for gold. It’s a market with items that move fairly slowly, but profit margins can be VERY high. When I have been active in this market I have relied on volume to make sure that profits are decent over time. I’ve already covered crafted transmog, which is the most profitable part of transmog in my opinion.

The tools

To flip transmog effectively you will have to use TSM (Tradeskillmaster Addon). You cannot effectively keep track of all the items involved without it. You should also be comfortable with changing your TSM operations. I will show you how, but you will need to change the settings in my TSM group as the transmog market varies wildly between servers.

I used to be quite active in transmog back in october, but I have tapered off personally, and I just post my stock. The main reason is just the amount of inventory you need to handle. From the screenshot below you can see that I have had some good flips and a lot of OK ones. Most of the items give small profits, but very high margins as you can tell. Only 2 sales below 200% resale profit.

Buying the right items

There are a ton of items in the game that will unlock their appearance. To make money flipping transmog you obviously need to be looking for the ones people actually want. The easiest way to find these is of course to import a finished TSM group. Luckily I got you covered. My TSM setup is based on Phat Lewts TSM transmog groups. You can also use Xionik and Sheyrahs setup if your prefer it. Both of these already include most of the relevant items.

To shop for items you need an appropriate shopping operation. Setting the max price for shopping is one of the most important parts of the setup, and you NEED to tailor it to your server. I strongly suggest testing out some different prices to figure out a decent level for your market.

I personally use a max price based on the TSM price source DBregionsaleavg. This is the average sale price for the item in your region (EU or US). Other approaches can be using dbmarket (I don’t recommend this as it can be gamed) or some combination of dbmarket and dbregionmarket. For me the max price is 30%dbregionsaleavg as it works best on my realm. Try out some different thresholds and see how your server stacks up.

To buy the items you run a shopping scan and snatch up everything below your max price. When starting out you should run the shopping scan at least once a day to build up stock. Transmog scans take a bit of time, so make sure you have a bit of patience ready. You should also make sure you only scan for items that are drops or from vendors to limit the search time (no point flipping crafted transmog).

Selling items

Auctioning the items is fairly straight forward. You want to post them all to the Auction House using TSM. I suggest setting the minimum price to the minimum of some multiple of your average buy price and the source you use for purchasing items. (E.g. Min(120% avgbuy, 50%dbregionsaleavg).

You should obviously tinker with your shopping operation too so you strike a good balance between sale rate and profit margin. I strongly suggest using 48 hour posting time and never cancelscanning as the amount of mailbox refreshes will quickly become unwieldy. Using a separate banker just for posting Transmog can be a good choice to stop your main banker from being clogged up.

TSM settings and wrap-up

You can find my complete transmog TSM setup in my pastebin. The group contains both crafted transmog and items that are drops or vendor bought. It’s completely set up with operations for crafting, shopping and posting depending on what is appropriate. Make sure you check out the price level on your realm before committing. If the cheapest items is 200% max price, your max price is likely too high. If all items are far below, then it is too low. Experimentation is key. To minimize your risk I strongly suggest starting out with a low max price to make sure you dont buy anything stupid.

You can routinely find extremely cheap transmog pieces so the risk is generally very low.

Transmog is definitely not more than a side market in the current economy, but diversifying is the key to getting richer so if you are not doing anything there yet and want to try it out, you definitely should.



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