TSM4 Beta and Backups when running two accounts

The TSM4 Beta just started up, and a bunch of people are now helping the testing process. It is still in beta mode, and if you haven’t done it yet there are some precautions you should take.

This article contains affiliate links to TSM4, which means that you are supporting both me and the TSM team if you decide to get Premium!

Don’t have access yet?

If you haven’t signed up yet, then you should do so here. Priority access was given to people who are subscribed to TSM Premium, although it does not guarantee access.

Safeguarding your settings

You can change back and forth between TSM3 and 4 in the desktop app once you get access to the beta. During the Alpha I found an issue with my two account setup that caused me to lose all my TSM settings on my second account. This is due to the fact that TSM will only  take backups from your main WoW installation. Luckily I found a solution. If you are using a setup similar to mine using separate installation folders and symlinks, this is what you need to do.

If you have TSM Premium your settings will be synced to TSM servers as well, safeguarding you from any local hardware issues. If you have spent hours setting up TSM like I have, I am sure you want to keep your hard work!

TSM backup for two separate wow installations

The TSM settings you want to keep a backup of are located in the WTF folder. The exact path is going to be: World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\AccountName\SavedVariables.

What you need to do is set a link from the SavedVariables folder for your second installation in your main installation folder. This will ensure that the TSM app backs up the settings for both of your installations.

To set up the link you just write the following command into the command line (cmd.exe): mklink /J “C:\Games\WOW1\WTF\Account\AccountName\SavedVariables” “C:\Games\WOW2\WTF\Account\AccountName\SavedVariables”

Make sure you replace “AccountName” and the actual WoW file paths, with whatever is correct for you.


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  1. For background purposes you may want to mention your operating system and whether or not you used the command window I’m administrative, or elevated, mode.

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