Want to make gold in Wrath Classic? Here’s what you need to know!

Wrath Classic is at this point more or less confirmed, so let’s look at how professions worked back then. We’ll go through the important recipes and what you can do right now to prepare!

The basics stay the same

Most of the general techniques you can use right now will still work in Wrath. Material flipping, BoE flipping and neat stacking all still work, and function pretty much the same way they currently do. Enchanting shuffles were also big in Wrath, and getting this setup is amazing.


I’ll go through the professions and highlight the most important aspects. We will not go through them all recipe by recipe at this point, but rather give a quick overview of what types of items they can craft and how you might pair them up. Having profession alts is always a huge advantage, so any effort you can make to level alts now will pay off handsomely down the line.

Inscription: A new king?

Inscription is the new profession in Wrath, and it is a money printer! Glyphs are the big ones here, as they are consumable. Meaning that whenever someone wants to respec, they will have to swap out their glyph set. As they are an item that provides player power, they have an incredible demand. Back in the day glyphs turned many, many players rich. They even prompted the creation of AH addons with TSM like functionality for quickly reposting items to the AH.

Enchanting: scrolls arrive

Enchanting is finally being turned into an AH based goldmaking professions. Starting in Wrath you can enchant vellums and sell the scrolls. There are different levels of vellum, based on what kind of item and enchant you are crafting, but the gist of this is that enchanting is going to be a lot more competitive on the AH. Enchanting also has access to some fairly profitable shuffles, with a great one combining prospecting with gems to generate dust and essences.

Armor professions

I’m lumping the armor professions together here as they broadly cover the same niches. There’s a combination of catch up gear, leveling gear and some crafted epic items that make their way into the pre raid BiS sets. The overall setup is fairly similar to TBC, with a couple of epic crafted recipes per profession, and some reputation locked recipes

Engineering: hogs and choppers

The luxury mount is a great recipe to get. Historically a very good recipe for goldmaking. Outside of that there are some ammo recipes, as well as a couple of BoE guns for hunters, but the overall outlook is on the slow side.

Jewelcrafting: Gems are still needed

The general prospecting shuffle is great in Wrath, where you cut the rare gems. There’s also a couple of great uncommon gem based ring recipes that you can use to get rid of large quantities of uncommon rings as enchanting materials. I used to do the full shuffle back in the day and I got a lot of gold out of it.

Alchemy: never irrelevant

Alchemy will always be good for goldmaking. There is never a time where having max level consumables will be bad. As in TBC you will want to prioritize elixir or potion mastery as that will usually give you the largest gold benefit, as you can only transmute once per day.

Profession combos:


This is likely the overall best combination for goldmaking, assuming you have elixir or potion mastery. You can send all your herbs here, the only downside is you can only utilize herbs, but this is still amazing.


This is great for shuffling, makes it easy to get rings and disenchant them assuming it works.

Pick two LW/Tailoring/BS/Engi

Any two of these can be combined. I would not suggest going for this on a main, but this is a pretty good setup for a crafter alt.

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