We are running out of monelite ore

An item has recently come on my radar as being a prime candidate for flipping. Monelite ore is a material from BfA that is still very useful and is barely farmed, making it perfect for market resets.

Did I manipulate the market?

I wrote this post a week ago for early access after talking about this on stream. In the mean time Manthieus made a youtube video about it after Jack The Dipper tipped him off. Since then Monelite prices on EU have increased by 50%. The market can still work, but it’s interesting to see the effect this had. Be careful, and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Why do people still buy it

Monelite ore is used in a couple of very relevant recipes. The biggest ones are the Xiwyllag ATV and Light-Step Hoofplates. The mount still sells incredibly well, and it requires about 200 Monelite Ore. I generally can sell the mounts as fast as I craft and post them, so they are definitely still very much in demand.

Quantities are dwindling

This entire idea occurred to me due to the fact i was trying to craft ATVs on my main realm, but I cannot always find ores on the AH. I am on one of the highest population realms in EU, so imagine the situation on smaller realms.

The screenshot below shows the overall trend for monelites on EU. As you can see the quantity is decreasing steadily.

How can we profit off of this?

My main suggestion would be to flip monelite ores. On many realms there is as little as 3000 ore available. That’s enough for just 15 mounts, and on many realms you can sell that in a week. Long term the price will have to go up, and short term there are huge opportunities to reset this item on so many realms. Nobody farms Monelite ore, so you are unlikely to hold the bag.

Don’t be too greedy

Keep in mind that you are primarily selling to crafters. Don’t increase the price too much, or you may not be able to get the sale. ATV prices are probably too low on many realms to really support a massive increase. Just go for 30-40% profit and you will still likely find great deals.

You can do the same thing with other BfA items

Usually the last expansion is heavily underfarmed for a while when a new expansion launches. There are other BfA materials you can do this with, for instance the other ores used in mounts. I would focus on items used for crafts that are still useful, which limits the scope significantly, but there are plenty of options. Monelite does stand out though with quantities so low that you can potentially buy all the reasonably priced or for as little as 30 000 gold.

Just use the base UI

I suggest using the base UI for purchasing as this is much easier. Just search for Monelite ore, and see if there is an opportunity to reset. The screenshot below shows a typical results page. Here you have to options, you can buy everything up 9g99s and repost at 12g37s for a little more than 20% profit, or you can buy everything priced 12g75s below and try to repost that at about 20 gold. The first approach is almost completely risk free, whereas the latter would be a little risky. Either way you can make some gold here.

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