What I learned from earning a token in 30 days!

Want to earn your first token, here’s the low down of what you need to do!

30 days to a token

In the past I’ve done the 30 days to a token challenge multiple times, (I’m planning a new one once I finish the 100 million challenge, so stay tuned for that). This is the starting point for most players, and there are some things you need to focus on. If you can do this consistently, then you can play for free.

Combination approaches are the best

For getting fast results the best approach is to combine crafting and farming. Crafting has much higher gold per hour, and it will allow you to scale so token number 2 takes less time than #1. It will cost you some time for the first one, but it is optimal long term. Since you won’t have much gold you have to combine it with farming, to speed up your gold acquisition. You can do it without farming, but it will be very slow early on.

High sale rate = current expansion items

As I have repeated ad nauseam, you should focus on current expansion materials and items. This is where the highest sale rates are, and high sale rates are key to accelerating your goldmaking. If you don’t get gold back from the AH, then you can’t reinvest.

Consumables and catch up gear

All three times I’ve done this I have focused on catch up gear, and consumables, primarily cooking. When i did this in BfA I mostly combined inscription with blacksmithing, as that was the optimal catch up gear combination then. Catch up gear has fast sale rates, low capital investments and low competition. All the hallmarks of the best starting markets.

If you just want speed, then farm

If you want to be done as fast as humanly possible, you should be farming. Professions is better for the long haul though. Every time I’ve done this I have leveled 2 crafting professions to max, in addition to making enough gold for a token in 30 days. This sets you up to earn your second token significantly faster than the first one.

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