What will happen when the bruto goes away?

We are approaching a time of upheaval in goldmaking. A pre-patch and expansion launch is always eventful. This time around the removal of the brutosaur will make it even more so. 

So many people are doing the grind

There are just so many players trying to farm their Brutosaurs. Many of them will likely fail, Particularly players who chose to rely primarily on raw gold farms. Some of these players will surely decide that they enjoy goldmaking, but I suspect many will get burned out. I am honestly surprised at how many players view the brutosaur as a pure “grind” in the classic “kill mobs”-sense. 

What happens when you fail?

This is a big question. There will be millions of gold in the bags of players who fail to get their bruto in time. They will likely decide to spend the gold on something, maybe a consolation prize, maybe just their character. If they decide to buy stuff from other players we could see prices increase or at least demand increase on certain higher value mounts. On the flip side they may end up buying the spider mount or something similar and just remove the gold from the game. 

Competition should go down

I expect many who went into goldmaking only for the brutosaur will just quit when it goes away. This is based on the number of people who seem really unhappy about their quest for the bruto. I suspect the AH will be much less competitive when the urgency of the bruto grind is removed and players have less of an intense short term focus. If you are on the gruto grind you will want to camp the AH as hard as humanly possible, whereas if you have it and can think in longer time frames there are probably better implied GPH activities. 

Disagree? let me know!

I’m sure many of you have a much better insight than me into players currently working towards their brutos. Are you on the path? If so please let us know if you enjoy it and what you’ll do if you fail. 

Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “What will happen when the bruto goes away?

  1. I think people have stopped on my server. It is a lot easier to sell currently and the usual names aren’t appearing as much when I do cancel scans.

  2. Anecdotal Example, but my friend is stuck at 3M because his flip attempts backfired, whereas I got Brutosavr the other day from pure grinding. Due to the deterministic nature of raw grinds and no possibility of sabotage from other players. On the Auction House however, you have to outsmart other players plus 5% cut. By pure math it is not possible for over half the population.

    As for the failers, maybe there will not be much change. In the Removal-Announcement Blizzard included a caveat of retaining this Mount at the Black Market Auction House. They will keep acquiring gold at their own pace whilst checking the BM AH on the regular.

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