World of Goldcraft 20: The Ethics of flipping

In this episode I talk about the mechanics and ethics of flipping as well as some tips for the launch day of Dazar’alor. 


3 thoughts on “World of Goldcraft 20: The Ethics of flipping

  1. “Liquidity” means fuck all, it’s an absolutely minuscule amount of added value that is somehow ballooned to being a critical part of economics by stock traders trying to justify their own parasitic existence. It’s an inefficiency in the system, not an efficiency. I am glad you made the comparison between flipping and corpse camping though, because that really nails down the level of disgusting behavior you guys are knowingly engaging in.

    1. You are welcome to your opinion, but as I laid out I disagree.

      Why do you think flipping is disgusting behaviour? In what way are we harming other players?

      I can understand why people can think sniping is unethical as you are buying clear mispricing but flipping materials from 80-100% dbmarket is something else entirely.

    2. We built machines and factories at least a dozen years ago. All work is a make-work project.

      Playing with a video game economy like a stock market = disgusting behavior?
      Strange fella.

      “Liquidity” means fuck all.
      Your brain must be a scary place.

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