WoW Classic just got a release date!

Classic finally got a release date! It’s coming on the 27th of August! Obviously this will have major impacts both on the live game as well as offering us a whole new game to play around in. 

Getting classic

WoW Classic will be included in the subscription to a regular WoW account. This means that there will be a lot more active WoW accounts. Some people may want to dabble in the main game as well, but I expect most of the people that come back will focus purely on Classic. There might be a rush of people buying tokens if they have gold in the main game to get their accounts running again, but we don’t know. 

Opt-in to the beta

The beta is now live, and if you have an active World of Warcraft subscription you can opt in on your account page. You can also catch a ton of streamers hitting classic to test out stuff and get a little head start on what will work and what won’t. 

An economy from scratch

One of the more interesting things for me when it comes to classic will be to look at what happens when we all have to start from scratch. The economy will be completely empty on day one. This will be unlike anything has been in the main game for a ridiculously long time. 

The main factor is that gold will be very scarce early on. We will of course have inflation as WoW has always been a game where basic gameplay generates a surplus of gold, but it will take a while to hit any really large levels. 

Raw gold is king?

Raw gold farms will matter a lot more than they do in the main game. We won’t have anyone with stockpiles of gold, so raw gold farms will be very useful for a long while, and may be better than farming materials from a pure goldmaking point of view. 

Crafting and flipping will be harder

Both of these methods will likely work, and work well, but they will be harder. It will take a really long time to build a large empire as the number of recipes and materials is much larger than in BfA. Craftables across the board are more useful. Overall this will tend to skew towards farming being better as the rate of material acquistion could be a bottle neck. Prices are also likely to take much longer to hit any sort of stable level and we will likely see inflation for a while as gold comes into the game. 

Will people trade?

Yes they will. I traded on the AH in classic. Of course the raw gold totals will be very small by BfA standards, but everyone will have extra gold available to spend on the AH, even if stuff like repairs, mounts and respecs will take out a much larger percentage of your gold than they do in BfA. 

I’m excited, are you?

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2 thoughts on “WoW Classic just got a release date!

  1. Has anything been said about how addons will work? Will it be the same API as the current BfA game? If it is i guess more or less the same addons will work (TSM). If its an API more like classic wow I guess there will have to be some adjustments.

    1. I’m assuming the API will be like it was in classic. Sapu hinted on twitter he wants to make TSM for classic if he had beta access. Assuming classic gets a decent following I expect people will make AH addons, but how powerful they are is up in the air.

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