Wrath Classic Tailoring gold guide! Bags and cloth armor!

We continue our look at professions in Wrath with Tailoring. As usual I’ll only focus on the goldmaking potential of the profession, not the PvE or PvP benefits.

Recipe types

As usual with tailoring you will get access to crafting a variety of cloth armor, bags, as well as specialty cloth to craft the higher level recipes. Spellthread also returns in Wrath so you get to provide enchants for other players. In addition to the classics you can craft three mount recipes, all of which require tailoring to fly.

Pre-raid gearing

One of the best niches for the armor professions is for gearing up freshly leveled characters. Wrath will add epics in the chest and glove slots, that are analogous to the TBC cloth pieces. This time around however they are all BoE. You craft them with the three new cooldown cloths: Moonshroud, Spellweave and Ebonweave. In my opinion the Ebonweave set looks most enticing, due to copious amounts of hit. Another extremely interesting recipe is the Deathchill Cloak, this one is very strong for early caster gearing, and the recipe is really time consuming to get, so you can earn a lot of gold with it. To get the recipe you need to earn the Loremaster of Northrend achievment, For all of the pre-bis gear you do require Frozen Orbs, which means your crafter has to run heroics.


There are two new regular bag recipes, Frostweave bag with 20 slots, and the Glacial bag at 22. Obviously getting the Glacial bag recipe early on will have some very strong goldmaking potential. Down the line we can expect profits to go pretty low on bags, as that’s usually the case. That being said, it also usually remains as a steady seller for the entire expansion.


We get a new set of spellthreads in Wrath as well. These are enchants for the pants slot. There’s two choices, either spellpower spirit with the brilliant Spellthread or spellpower and stamina on the Sapphire Spellthread. The stamina variant seems slightly better in practical terms, but it’s possible players prefer mana regen through spirit for throughput, and this does seem to be the general recommendation.

Recipe acquisition

The vast majority of recipes are learned at your trainer. The most notable reputation recipes are the spellthreads coming from Argent Crusade for the Brilliant and Kirin Tor for the Sapphire, both at exalted. In addition the Glacial bag recipe is from Exalted with Sons of Hodir. These are the three reputations you should focus on, none of the others have relevant recipes. The last recipe that is hard to get is the Deathchill cloak. This one can be learned from trainers, but only after attaining the Loremaster of Northrend achievment. If you have tailoring, you should level completely through questing to get a head start on this recipe. If you are the first one on your realm to get loremaster, you will be able to pull in a lot of sales.

Get questing and get crafting

The main things to look out for here is just to get to max level crafting so you can start doing the daily cooldowns, and to quest like crazy for the Deathchill recipe. I would suggest going Ebonweave specialization in general, as I expect Ebonweave to have the highest demand and Ebonweave is also used in the Glacial bag recipe. You want to get into crafting before the majority of players hit 80 to ensure you can craft and sell during the pre-raid gearing phase, which will be the most profitable period. Have fun and good luck!

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