Wrath Inscription Goldmaking! The best profession for phase 1?

I’m a little late on this one, as I really should have put it out before the pre-patch, but such is life. Inscription, the new profession in Wrath is one of the best goldmakers around!

Recipe types

The main output of Inscription are Glyphs, these are consumables that give you a permanent bonus to an ability when used on your glyph page. You can swap them out, but doing so requires buying and using a new glyph. You can have 3 major and three minor glyphs at any time. You also get the ability to craft some off-hands, the darkmoon cards (which I already covered in depth, check the video description for a link) and vellums and scrolls.

Glyphs and darkmoon cards are by a very significant margin the two most important recipe types for Inscription. Both of them are likely to be extremely profitable.

Recipe acquisition

Inscription has a lot of vendor trained recipes. In fact it is probably the best level 68/70 alt goldmaking profession in the entire game, as you can get literally everything just from the trainers, and research. The main bulk of recipes you can’t get from trainers are glyphs. A good chunk of glyphs come from your daily research cooldowns. There’s two cooldowns, minor research and Northrend research. Northrend research gates the high level glyphs in terms of profession skill required, whereas minor research focuses on minor glyphs. You need to do both on cooldown, and hope you get lucky and get the in-demand recipes early!

In patch 3.1 Blizzard added the Book of Glyph Mastery, a book that teaches you a random glyph, back in the day the book taught recipes only learnable from Books of Glyph Mastery. It’s uncertain if they will make any changes to this part of the system, if they are in at launch farming for and even buying books can be well worth it.


Inscription uses inks to craft with. To get inks you need to mill herbs into various pigments. This is similar to prospecting, and quite time consuming. Luckily for us, time consuming means more profit. Once we get to Northrend we get access to an ink trader to turn the Northrend ink into lower level inks, but before then you have to mill the correct herb type to get the right pigment.

Darkmoon cards

Darkmoon card trinkets is one of the best goldmaking methods in the game. You craft the darkmoon card of the North, get a random card from one of the decks. Once you have all 8 cards of a deck you can finish it, turning it into a quest starter item. You then need to head to the Darkmoon Faire to turn them in to get the actual BoE trinkets. The Darkmoon Card: Greatness trinket is very strong for strength and agility users and will be extremely sought after, particularly for the first faire.


For glyphs you want to do your research. The main way to approach this market used to be just having 1-5 of each glyph in your inventory and cancel scanning copiously. Tradeskillmaster is pretty much an absolute must, and I’ll be publishing my groups shortly. It is a great class of item that is consumed on use and necessary for optimal play in every part of the game. Wrath launch has been named “Glyphmas” for the incredible profits glyphs could generate, so this will likely be competitive, but profitable.

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One thought on “Wrath Inscription Goldmaking! The best profession for phase 1?

  1. Impossible to cancel scan with the AH changes and throttling. TSM is unusable for me on big or small servers. I doubt blizzard will fix this.

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