3 Tokens worth of profit in 30 days Just by playing the Auction House!?

BilisOnyxia is a member of the goldmaking community that has made a big name making great TSM settings. He recently shared his results of trying to just using flipping to get a token on Wrath Classic in less than 30 days.

His setup

He started with a level 1 character on a fresh realm where he had nothing. He then tried using nothing but the AH to make enough gold for a token. His end result was 21,431 gold in profit over 30 days. This is obviously very good, so let’s dive in.

TSM Settings

I’m patron of his on patreon, so you can get his setup if you like. I also have flipping setup TSM and they both have very similar ideas behind them, so both will absolutely work wonders.

Early days

Obviously when starting out you will not have much gold to speak of. Day 1 he managed to make 18 gold worth of profits, and he spent a really small amount. We can see he used some vendor flips, alongside reselling enchanting materials and rough stone

When starting out you want to focus on items with a quick turn around. Vendor flips (items on the AH selling for less than what the vendor will pay for it) is probably the best one as it is guaranteed profit and even increasing your total gold by 5 silver is actually meaningful. You also want to minimize AH deposits, as they can murder you. Enchanting materials are perfect for this as they don’t have a vendor price, leading to the lowest possible AH deposit.

Great deals

You can also fish for 1-off great deals early. If you can find a single severely underpriced item that is great, we can see that he did this with Tine Ore, with Mageweave cloth and some other items. This gets less interesting as we go, as volume will eventually overtake it.

The classic reverse vendor flip

By day 4 he had an ungodly amount of success with selling the profession tools from the vendor. This is something that works, but can vary a lot in how often you sell. Selling 6 mining picks in 4 days is on the lucky end of the spectrum, but still really cool.

Materials and then BoEs

You want to keep reinvesting as much of your gold as possible into materials that you can consistently resell. Vendor items are great, but buying from the AH is better for making larger amounts of gold. The most important part is to keep adding more items, and we can see that sale screenshot by sale screenshot more items are showing up in the resale summaries.

14 days in we can see that it’s dominated buy materials, most of which have been bought on the AH with large quantities. I’ll confess to being very surprised at the sheer volume of items bought from vendors, but that’s how it is.

BoEs as well

After two weeks Bilis had enough gold to branch out. Eventually you want to look into BoEs that are underpriced as well. He had a massive Wall of the Dead sale, and a couple of other BoEs showing up in the top list. Materials remain the bulk of sales. At this point the token profit number has been reached (but he may not have enough actual gold for a token, depending on how aggressively he reinvests).

Gold graph

Typically if you do this you will want to reinvest as much gold as possible every day. Going back down to zero gold to increase your AH inventory is the fastest approach. Eventually you will reach a point where your daily sales are high enough that it’s hard to find enough deals and at that point you will see the gold in your bags start going up, and it will rise quickly. Generally speaking you can flip almost anything, but the best items are items where supply or demand can fluctuate. Relics of Ulduar for instance will mostly be bought in fairly large quantities by players looking to speedrun Hodir rep, so it will gradually accumulate on the AH until someone buys out 1000+ of them.

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