Want to learn how to make gold in Dragonflight? Start here!

The eternal question in goldmaking is “How do I start?”, with the exasperating typical answer “Just make gold”. Ultimately both the question and answer is INCREDIBLY broad, as there are THOUSANDS of items in WoW, and an equal number of approaches to goldmaking that can work.

The newbie

So what we’ll do today is look at it from the perspective of someone starting roughly from scratch. In many ways this is harder than ever in Dragonflight, due to a combination of profession knowledge barriers, significantly fewer items to sell on the AH and the region wide AH.

So where do we start?

We will take my current main as the starting point. I have XX knowledge as I did not play this character at all in 10.0, and I have not really kept up to date with knowledge gains at all in 10.1. This means I am behind the curve, but there’s still several profitable recipes I have access to.

The best items

In my experience the most profitable, easy to craft items right now are the cooldown limited materials. Both the tailoring cloth and Dracothysts are consistently profitable, and you can set up a new crafter relatively quickl as long as you have a level 70 ready. If you have maxed out Loamm rep you can even buy the barter brick recipe for Dragon isles supplies on alts, making the setup even faster.

Due to the limited amount of cooldowns available, profit per craft will almost always be high for these, particularly now that they have fixed the cooldown reset bug.


Another good item is the Zapthrottle Soul Inhalers. These are unlocked from Engineering knowledge, and are sold only on your realm AH. This makes competition a lot more limited. They are necessary to generate the BoP materials needed in both epic gear crafts and toys, making demand consistent.

What else?

Almost every other crafting opportunity in Dragonflight will be gated behind a significant amount of knowledge points. Even if you reach the required knowledge you will either have to fight in trade chat or on the region wide AH to sell your items. Both will work, but both also require more effort than I prefer.

You should focus in the direction you like. Do you like talking to people, making deals and doing the whole customer service bit: set up crafting professions for weapons and armor, focus on one slot first, then the next. If you like the volume business, post scanning on the AH and finding good deals on the AH then go for enchanting, alchemy etc. If you prefer more hands off approaches then flipping cosmetics, crafting legendaries and transmog and other old world markets is the best bet, preferably on multiple realms.

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