Want to cash in on recrafting orders in 10.2? Then you need to read this!

Selling high end gear with crafting order is a very good way to generate gold with essentially zero risk. Let’s look at how you set up your gear crafters with knowledge to get to max.

Max difficulty

The maximum recipe difficulty varies a bit between professions and depending on the embellishment, but overall it’s always the same in that for max item level crest enchanted gear you can’t guarantee max quality. This means inspiration is necessary, and having a high enough inspiration stat is necessary to get customers.

Skill matters

You also need high enough skill that you can reach max quality even with cheaper materials. The material quality does impact the cost for you customers, as they can get away with cheaper quality 2 materials and still reach enough skill to get max quality inspiration procs. Generally you will want all skill bonuses available, but you don’t need it to be able to reach max quality.

The general setup

Every profession has a specialization tree dedicated to general skill. It has at least three nodes, with one that gives skill to all recipes, one for inspiration and one for resourcefulness. Maxing all of these three is optimal for goldmaking. resourcefulness will make you more profitable, but does not matter for getting customers, so it is the lowest priority.

Recipe specific skill

After that you need to specialize in the recipe specific skill. Essentially you need enough skill additions for each recipe type. You typically do not need to absolutely max out a given recipe types nodes to reach the inspiration breakpoint, so maxing the upper nodes that give skill to multiple recipes is usually best.

Here you can see a sample build for blacksmithing where I can reach max quality even for long swords, at least if they don’t have an embellishment. For maces on the other hand I am at absolute max skill.

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