THIS is why you should build an alt army to make gold in Dragonflight!

Alt armies are back and better than ever!

Alt armies

Alt armies have always been a strategy in goldmaking in WoW. The relative power has varied a lot over the years based on what recipes and lockouts exist. The general idea is simply that you get more chances to do something that is time gated in some way. All the way from arcanite bar transmutes in classic there has been value in using alts for specific lockout-gated things.

Professions in Dragonflight

With how professions have shaken out in Dragonflight some of the most consistently profitable recipes are the cooldown-based ones. Dracothyst was huge at the beginning of 10.1,and it is still quite profitable. Cooldown cloth has been very consistent throughout the entire expansion.

Naxx farming

Then 10.1.5 added another very lucrative method for utilizing your alts. Farming scourgestones and turning them into Death’s bargaining chips. You can then either gamble for recipes or for the tier 3 pieces. At this point gambling for tier 3 pieces is usually the best choice, particularly if you have many alts to increase your efficiency. Considering you need to do 10 runs to get a lamented piece on average this scales particularly well with alts.

Will they remain viable?

This question I obviously don’t know the answer to. Long term the game will change, but which direction is anyones guess. Having a lot of leveled alts is quite useful for farming anything with a lockout, so there’s still value even if the gold is reduced.

Take advantage of the timeways

The current Turbulent Timeways event gives you access to very strong experience buffs by running timewalking dungeons. You can take advantage of this to level any mid level alts you have or even level characters from scratch. This is perfect if you want to get an alt army started!

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