8.1 Leatherworking: Sinister Combatant gear

It’s time for the final armor crafting profession and a rundown of how you can maximize your profits with the Leatherworking Sinister Combatant gear.


My experience with both the tailoring and blacksmithing gear is that the armor has fairly high demand and sells well. While I do not have personal experience with the leatherworking gear I expect it sells as well as the tailoring gear.

I don’t actually have leatherworking on any of my characters so I will have to rely on my spreadsheet to look at the profitability. On my realm we can see that even at rank 1 all the recipes are profitable.


Just as with blacksmithing and tailoring you unlock the rank 1 recipes from your profession trainer in BfA as soon as you hit skill level 115 in Zandalari or Kul Tiran Leatherworking.

The rank 2 and 3 recipes are obtained for Marks of Honor from your profession Liaision (Ozgrom Ragefang for the horde and Leedan Gustaf for the Alliance).

Rank 2 recipes cost 2 marks and rank 3s cost 4 so you need a total of 72 marks to get all rank 3 recipes, 10 armor pieces and the sinister Combatant’s bow.

To obtain them in the most efficient manner make sure you do the brawl quest across all your level 120 characters when it is up. Outside of that I haven’t found any shortcuts, so you will just have to queue for random BGs or Arenas.

I would suggest keeping the bracers at rank 2 until everything else is rank 3 as the rank 3 recipes for bracers do not reduce the expulsom cost, and that is by far the most time consuming part of the process.

Materials used

The leather armor pieces require Coarse Leather, calcified Bones, Expulsom and Hardened Tempest hides. The mail armor has the same general cost, but it replaces the Coarse Leather with Mistscale. The bow requires mistscale, Calcified Bones, Expulsom and Star Wood.

Mistscale, Coarse Leather and Calcified Bones are all obtained from skinning. They are generally quite cheap and I suggest buying them all from the Auction House.

The hardened tempest hides are crafted from one Tempest Hide, obtained from skinning and one Amber Tanning Oil obtained from a profession vendor. They are often cheaply available on the AH and you can save time by buying the finished hardened hides rather than the tempest hides and oils and hardening them yourself.


To get the expulsom needed you will have to do your own scrapping. You can use either tailoring or leatherworking. You will craft the Tidespray Linen Bracers, or one of the Coarse Leather or Shimmerscale based leatherworking bracers and scrapping them en masse. You will get one expulsom per 6 bracers on average either way. You get the recipe at level 1 Zandalari crafting so you can use a level 110 character to craft the tailoring bracers if you do not have tailoring.

You will need a LOT of expulsom. I strongly suggest getting a scrapping addon to speed up the process. I use Scrap Master which was made by BilisOnyxia of Sniper string fame.

Valuing your expulsom

If you have not set a value for your expulsom in TSM you will have to do so for my TSM settings to work as they heavily rely on the crafting source. To do so you head to the crafting reports window by typing /tsm crafting.

Go to materials and search for expulsom. I use a custom price called expulsom, but you can just paste the string below straight in. It will use the lowest crafting cost of the tailoring bracers or either of the leatherworking bracers to calculate the cost of one expulsom.


TSM Setup

As usual I rely on the same auctioning profession I have utilized throughout the entire expansion to post crafted gear. It will be invalid if you haven’t set a proper price for expulsom, so make sure you get one in.

Due to the random proc nature of the items my group will be missing some of the variants and you will have to add them manually. Just go to the group page of TSM and add the armor variations to the relevant subgroups. If you are uncertain about how you do this you can check out my TSM4 guide here.

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3 thoughts on “8.1 Leatherworking: Sinister Combatant gear

  1. hello, sorry to bother, i copy ur tsm4 groups, but all the operations are #deafault, any idea how to fix?

    1. Hey, it’s a bug in TSM caused by the base group missing an item, generally there will be only one auctioning operation and you can apply that to all the groups. I’ll update them as soon as I have time to fix the issue.

  2. First off, thank you for all your insights. You have opened my eyes to a new and exciting aspect of the game! I got up to 120K and decided to dip into Alchy and LW profs on 120 chars. Alchy is going smoothly and reaping good rewards, but LW has yet to sell a piece of Sinister gear. Per your spreadsheet and my TSM settings, the items are profitable (and there’s some light competition), but nothing is selling. It’s been ~2wks with no bites, just a lot of expires and reposting. Which leads me to my question; I know that selling armor (crafted or looted) has a slower velocity than raw materials, but at what point should I be concerned about these items “never” selling competitively? Do these types of items take 1mo+ on avg?

    Thank you, again, for all of your help!

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