TSM4 Guide Part 2: Groups

Groups are one of the major building  blocks in TSM, and you will need to understand them to get the most out of TSM.

Groups are collections of items in World of Warcraft that you want TSM to treat the same way. You can check out part 1 here and the full guide series here. 

As part of the guide I will show you exactly how I made my TSM enchanting group from my guide last week.


We can’t really understand groups completely without a bit of a look at operations. Operations are rules about how you treat the items in a group. A group can have more than one operation in some areas, for instance if you want to post an item in several different stack sizes.

This means that how you setup your groups is based primarily on how you want to have TSM treat your items.

Making a group

Making a group is very simple. You just open the TSM window by typing /tsm into chat and head to the groups section.

TSM4 Group creation

Then you click the little round + icon that appears when you hover over the base group as highlighted in the screenshot above

To make a nested group you simply click the same symbol on the group you just made.

You’ll typically want to give your group a name right away. There are tons of naming conventions out there. TSM will sort groups alphabetically so you may want to add numbers first to get full control of the order.

In this case we will just name it enchanting. To change the name you choose the group and then click the pen icon next to the name as shown below.

TSM4 Group Naming

Nesting groups

Making sub groups can be very useful. The main advantage of sub groups is that they inherit the operations of the parent group by default. So if you want some groups to have the same mailing operation, but different auctioning operations you could make separate sub groups.

In the example we are making an enchanting group. We want separate groups for the weapon and ring enchants as we may want to treat them differently. So to to do this we make one basic group called enchanting. Then we make two sub groups called Ring Enchants and Weapon Enchants.

At the end it will look like the screenshot below.

Empty enchanting groups

Adding items to your group

Once you have the group structure you want it’s time to add items to your groups. The easiest way to add an item to your group is if you have it in your inventory. You can then simply select it from the list of ungrouped items on the group screen.

As you can see on the screenshot below I have selected the one high level ring enchant I have in my inventory. Then you click the add 1 items button and it will be in the group.
To get the rest of the items in the groups we will use another method.

Empty enchanting groups

The TSM group creator

The TSM website has a nifty tool for quickly making groups. We will combine it with the wowhead website to get all the other enchants into a group.

First we will head to wowhead’s item database. We will search for items that were added in BfA and are made by enchanting. You can see a screenshot of the search below.

Wowhead enchanting search

We’ll scroll down to the pact enchants and select all of them. Then you need to copy them.

Selected ring enchants on wowhead

Next we will head to the TSM group creator.

You paste the selection from wowhead directly into the box as shown below.

Ring enchants TSM group creator

As you can see in the bottom field you know have a import string. We will copy this one and head back to TSM in-game.

Now we will go to the import tab and select the ring enchant group. Paste the string from the website into the field and click the import and confirm buttons.

Ring enchants TSM import

Repeat for the weapon enchants

We will repeat this for the weapon enchants. Once again we scroll down to the weapon enchants on wowhead.

Selected weapon enchants on wowhead

TSM group creator Enchants

TSM4 weapon enchants import


Finished enchanting group

The group is now finished. We have made the basic structure and we have all the items we want in the group. Next week we will start adding operations to it!

Part 3: Operations 101

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15 thoughts on “TSM4 Guide Part 2: Groups

  1. So glad you’re making this series. Coming back to TSM after 5 years off this really is helping to bring back a lot of clarity. Can’t wait for the next ones!

    1. Awesome guide. What would you recommend for min,max,normal ?


      Min 110% crafting
      Max 350% crafting
      Normal 150% crafting

      1. Were you able to do this yet? I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add single items to an existing group that I do not have in my bags. Everything goes straight into an “imported group” subgroup and it’s driving me insane. It was so simple before.

        1. If you go to the base group you can search for an item and then choose the group to add it to at the bottom.

  2. I do appreciate your help and effort in making this series. Alas, this chapter seems to be a mix of basic and advanced lessons that can be confusing for us true beginners; I think the Wowhead trick should be an advanced sidebar. I would also suggest that you continue to use your red circle highlights in the remaining screens shots for adding and nesting group i.e. the item selected and the button you are using, and include several line items.
    Thank you

  3. The import trick from Wowhead doesn’t seem to be working for enchanting scrolls, not generating any strings to I can create a group. Any idea why?

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