9.2 Goldmaking Survival Guide

With 9.2 on fast approach now is the time to orient yourself in the goldmaking landscape to make sure you can take advantage of what’s coming.

What’s new?

First we’ll take a quick look at what new things we are getting in 9.2 that relates to goldmaking. We are getting new materials and new recipes this time around, so both farmers and crafters will want to be ready.

New materials

The new zone will bring one new material for each material type, a new herb, a new ore, a new skin, new cloth, new meat and a new fish. In addition we get a new legendary material Progenitor Essentia used in the new rank 7 legendaries.

New materials are usually very expensive at launch, as they are usually useful, and there is no existing supply, so let’s look at the new recipes to come up with an idea about how they might move.

New recipes

The only economically meaningful new recipes in 9.2 are the new crafter’s marks as well as the new legendary vestige for rank 7 legendaries. Unlike older expansions we are not getting any new consumables.

This means that unlike 8.2 where the new herb was the top material we will have the new materials leading into the new gear recipes as the top materials for this patch.

Obviously both the Crafter’s mark and Legendaries fill useful gearing niches and getting these early will be incredibly profitable!

Reputation unlocks

The Enlightened Reputation gives you access to all of the big new recipes. Both the Crafter’s mark and vestige recipes both unlock at Honored. For the Vestige you also need to wait for the third week after the patch, as you need to finish chapter 5 of the 9.2 campaign.

Based on the current numbers the fastest you can get Honored is most likely the first day of the second week, a full week before you can craft legendaries, so you do not have to min max rep every day if you are just going for legendaries.

Farm the materials or farm the rep

The first week you will want to farm materials if you like farming or farm the reputation if you are a crafter. From the first reset demand for materials will start picking up as players start unlocking the new recipes. Crafter’s mark gear can be item level 262 and will likely sell really well, bringing substantial demand. Then the next reset rank 7 legendaries come crashing through bringing even more demand.

Double legendaries week 5

Week 5 players can craft their second legendary by unlocking the unity power. This will likely bring a second wind to rank 7s and represent the last peak for demand for the entire expansion.

As such these first 5 weeks will be the last hyper profitable period this expansion, and now is the time to strike if you can! You can certainly make gold later as well, but the huge numbers will be in the coming weeks.

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