9.2 The best legendary slots

With 9.2 and the new legendaries on fast approach now is the time to take a look at what legendary slots will be the most popular ones in 9.2!

The basic slots

OldGromm has already done some great data collection on which slots are used for the various suggested class specific legendaries. So we will use his sheet as the starting point. Since everyone is using one spec legendary and Unity eventually they will want to combine legendaries for maximum stats. As such what slots you have available as the second slot on your main legendary will be relevant for the total gearing, so there are likely some potential issues. It still gives the best estimate we have.

Tier sets and high ilvl loot

Players want to optimize their total ilvl. With Rygelon and Lords of Dread dropping higher ilvl tier loow in the chest and shoulder slots, these will be less optimal than the other slots for a legendary. As such helmet and leggings will be the top ones for maximum stats in the tier slot. Of the two, helmets should be more popular as they come with a guaranteed slot. For the non tier slots, belts are the best one, yet again as they have the most stats possible in a non tier slot, while also getting you a free socket.


For the unity legendary I believe there are two slots that most people will craft it in. It will be a helmet or a belt for most players. In fact I would not be super surprised to see some classes want two unities, one for each slot so they can be optimal for any secondary builds. If I’m right about this, it will mean incredible demand for those two slots on week 5 as players finally unlock Unity.

Leveling now?

If you want to level legendaries now, I would prioritize helmets, legs and belts for the most part. Class guides have not been updated with optimal 9.2 legendary slots, but the optimal choice is relatively easy to guess as more stats is always better and you can use one of the tier set slots for a legendary. The best slots to level are thus in my opinion: Leather helmet, leather shoulders, leather belt, plate helmet, plate legs, plate belt, cloth head and cloth legs. Mail legendaries are a little too expensive for the sale rate, and you are better off leveling two cloth legendaries for the same cost or getting a leather legendary with significantly higher demand.

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