A deeper look at Dragonflight Jewelcrafting (will JC Be great again?)

Jewelcrafting is looking a lot juicier in Dragonflight and might be coming back with a vengeance and a welcome return to form. Let’s take a look.

Gems galore

We are going back to the past, with gems now coming not only in single stat variants, but in variants that provide bonuses to two different secondary stats, usually one major and one minor.

I love this, as I think it makes jewelcrafting more fun. The goldmaking impact is uncertain, as gems are stackable, so you are competing with everyone this time around, but at least it adds some flavor. This is also an indication that we are getting more sockets.

Epic gems

We also see the return of epic gems. This was a thing in Legion and BfA, and I made bank in both expansions selling epic gems very early on (day 1/2). It will be interesting to see how they play out, not to mention how they interact with quality. This is going to be an important power item, so I expect players will want to min-max it as much as possible.

Idol trinkets

I mentioned these in my quick overview of the wowhead post. These seem potentially very good for early gearing. It all depends on the number of sockets on your gear of course.

Speaking of sockets: 3 sockets on neck?

There’s an item that will add up to three sockets to a necklace, depending on the quality. This is crafted by jewelcrafters and is the clearest indicator that sockets are more widely available. It is also an item where being able to craft the highest quality variant early will be extremely valuable. Imagine a difference of 72 secondary stats, that’s a chunk. I assume we will see similar items for a couple of other slots, but they havent showed up (or been posted about) yet.


There are some necklaces that also come with cool gem based effects. The strength is still uncertain of course, it will either be very good or not good enough. Choosing your own stat proc does seem like something that can be good, but we’ll have to see the final numbers.

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