Darkmoon decks are back! A look at Early alpha crafted items from Dragonflight!

With the introduction of alpha builds we have seen the first batch of profession recipes being datamined. Wowhead posted an article a while back, so let’s look at the juicy stuff (I still don’t have alpha, so no first hand stuff sadly).

BoP gear is profitable now

Through crafting orders you can now make gold crafting BoP gear. So BoP gear is now financially relevant, and you should seek to unlock these recipes and the higher quality versions ASAP. 


There’s not much new from alchemy in this preview. Most of the recipes were known already. There are some new trinkets, both of which are BoP. It’s uncertain if non-alchemists can wear them, but the one that reduces potion cooldown by 1 minute could be useful.


Blacksmithing is available on the Alpha, so we actually have the full view here. There’s two tiers of crafted gear, with 5 tiers of quality each. Weapons make their glorious return with a very wide variety of items, making this likely the best specialization, as getting weapons at a high item level with a degree of determinism will be extremely in demand.

Darkmoon Decks!

Darkmoon decks have been datamined. It will  be exceedingly interesting to see how these will interact with the quality system. We don’t know if they will work the same as usual. I’d be surprised if they do, because having 5 different versions of each of the 32 cards seems way too convoluted. An approach would be that turning the cards into a deck is a recipe, but we will just have to see.


I’ll do a more in-depth look at jewelcrafting later, as there’s a lot of juicy stuff here. The first thing that stood out to me however are the various Idol trinkets that empower your gems. These seem particularly interesting for early gearing, assuming sockets are abundant. I’m excited to see how this plays out, but jewelcrafting seems great.


I assume we will get the same two tier set for crafted gear here as with blacksmithing. In addition we are finally seeing the return of armor kits for leg armors, as a permanent enchant. This is great and will add some flavor back to the profession, although high end gear is likely going to be were the top end gear is. I assume that tailoring will also have leg armor kits, even if the post did not mention any.

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