A simple guide to multi realm battle pet flipping

Today I will show you a simple setup for multi realm battle pet flipping for everyone looking to enter this market. This is the best market for multi realm goldmaking, and now is a pretty good time to enter with very little action in the BfA markets. 

This only works for multi realm flipping

This setup is not designed to flip battle pets on a single realm and it will not work well for anyone focusing on a single realm. Battle pets sell very slowly and it only makes sense if you post a lot of pets across several realms. On a single realm the inventory management is too much and you have to compete with people playing on multiple realms. 


The advantages of this market is of course that the profit margins can be fairly high, and it is just flipping so the time spent per gold is very low. It is also the best way to get started on a new realm if you want to increase your ability to gain gold for tokens. 



The main disadvantage is that you need to invest a decent amount of gold to get started. You need to buy 50+ battle pets at least to get steady sales, as any one battle pet will take a while. The market is also extremely streaky once you get further in as stuff like TCG pets will generate huge gold sums at VERY infrequent timings. 

How does it work?

The main hurdle for this market is to make sure that you always post the battle pet for more than you bought it for. You can’t use avgbuy for this as you will likely sell the pets on another realm than what you bought it on. I solve this by using dbregionmarketavg as the basis for my pricing, as this is the same across all realms!

I suggest setting a minimum auctioning price somewhere between 60 and 70% dbregionmarketavg. You can then use 50% dbregionmarketavg as your maximum shopping price. 

Buying pets

The easiest way to buy pets is to use the /Battle Pets shopping search that will return every battle pet on the AH. If you set the market value source under shopping settings to dbregionmarketavg you can then easily use the rightmost percentage column to look for deals. As long as this number is below 50% you are likely to make gold with the pet. 

You could use a group, but this generally takes longer to scan, and you would also have to have a group that includes every battle pet in the game (mine doesn’t yet). I would also suggest staying away from the cheapest battle pets, as they are generally not worth the time. I try to stick to pets that I would sell for at least 1000 gold, but your cutoff could be different from that. 


Moving pets from realm to realm with the pet journal

To move the pets around you want two tools. One is the addon BattlePetCageMatch. This will give you a button in your pet journal you can click to cage up one of each pet. This is the first thing you do when you log on a new realm. Then you run an auctioning scan with TSM. Once the scan is finished you want relearn any pets that did not get posted. To do that you want to make a very simple macro: 

/use pet cage

Keybind this and just spam click it until all your pets are back in the journal. If your journal is full for a pet you want to move it to the “bottom” of your inventory. 

Selling pets

Selling the pets is fairly simple. You want to use the minimum price I laid out above (65% dbregionmarketavg for instance). Normal and max price matter less, but I like 90% and 150% dbregionmarketavg. If the price is below your minimum then you do not want to post the pet as the chance it sells is extremely low. You would rather put the pet back in the journal and try on some other realm. 

If the price is above max I like to post at max level. 

My group does not contain every pet in the game, so take a quick look and make sure that it is in the group after you have bought a new pet, it doesn’t matter which subgroup you add it to as they all have the same operations applied. 

Choosing realms

I find that this works best on medium to low pop realms. High pop realms are great for buying pets, but you need some other way to generate gold there as you will not be able to sell too many pets there. On medium and low pop you can usually both find pets and sell them effectively. 

I have not done research when I chose realms, but you can use resources like wow-pets.com if you like.

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4 thoughts on “A simple guide to multi realm battle pet flipping

  1. This guide has already helped me a lot but I am having one issue with the battlepetcagematch addon. The cage all button will skip some high value pets I have in my journal and it shows 0 copper for the price on all pets in the journal. I’ve tried a few different price sources for the addon and have tsm setup correctly.

  2. I don’t understand something about this guide and it’s really bugging me. I have my shopping operation for 50% dbregionmarketavg and selling operation for 65%/110%/200% dbregionmarketavg, but I never get any deals showing up. Every pet that’s listed when shopping is in the 80% margin, I never find any pet that might sell for 5k+ with my settings. Am I wrong, should I be buying any pet that appears when scanning for 50% dbregionmarketavg? I’m having a really difficult time understanding this and so far no one I’ve asked has cleared things up.

    1. When you run a shopping scan with a group the percentage on the results page is relative to your maximum shopping price. So if something shows up at 80% it means it is at 40% regionmarketavg and you should buy it.

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