Starting the 30 days to a token challenge

On Wednesday I hit level 120 on my hunter, which means I am now ready to get started on the 30 days to a token challenge!

The challenge


The challenge is incredibly simple. With one level 120 character, that starts with no professions and just 9000 gold I will try to get enough gold for a token in less than 30 days. 

The purpose

Before we go into the rules I will go through the purpose of the challenge. I want to put myself back in the shoes of a newer player working towards their first token. This will both help me figure out what works well in that situation as well as get a better understanding of the specific issues you would face. 

The rules

1 character, which is a completely fresh level 120
No brutosaur
1 realm obviously
I start with 10 711 gold (This is what I got leveling from 110-120 while vendoring every single drop.)
I start with level 1 professions
I start with the materials I got from leveling 110-120


Initial approach

I already outlined my plans for professions in this post. Things have changed a bit since then, and I will be doing the challenge at a pretty bad timing as we are waiting for 8.2 As I outlined in my post on 8.2 I believe a lot of materials will be going down in price. 

Based on a new look at the professions and my thoughts I plan to start out with material flipping, limited to materials I expect to keep their value and most likely a combination of tailoring and enchantment to craft sinister combatant gear, bags and the enchanting shuffle. The same professions still seem like the best choices. 


I will try to log in daily to keep my activity high. I will need to repost auctions often in the beginning and I need to keep my gold moving. I also need to quickly assess whether or not my approach is working so I can pivot to farming if it turns out to be necessary. 


I’ll be tracking data daily. I’ll be tracking gold spent, gold made as well as the value of my auctions and the liquid gold I have on me. Once we get into the first week I’ll have a great idea about what it makes sense to track and what doesn’t.

I’ll be posting an update once a week on Sundays as I did for the goldcap challenge.

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One thought on “Starting the 30 days to a token challenge

  1. yay i’ve been waiting for this. i like your approach very much. its very down to earth and reasonable. high five bro

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