Announcing My Patreon Page

I have been working on ways to improve what I am offering to you guys for a while now. Today I am announcing the first step on that journey, the launch of my patreon page. The page is not live yet as I want to get some feedback from you guys on the rewards to ensure that the page gives you what you want!

What is patreon

Patreon is a platform that allows you to support content creators directly.

Why am I launching a Patreon page?

I am launching a Patreon page because it allows me to offer a wide variety of extra content to you guys. My life had a pretty big change recently as my daughter was born just over three weeks ago. The patreon page and any support received will help me allocate more of my time to content creation and to expand my offering.

The vision

I view my patreon page as a platform to provide a higher level of service than my blog currently does. Everything that is free remains free, and you can expect much more of the same when Battle for Azeroth launches, including a new version of my spreadsheet. Patrons will get access to various rewards and services that I am not currently offering. I am going to dive into my current plans for the reward structure below.

What will the money go to?

As you will no doubt have noticed I have not been streaming since my daughter was born. I have not planned out in detail what I will spend the money on, but I have several ideas and which I realize and in what order will depend on what you guys are most interested in as well as how the launch goes. Some of the things your support might help me do include:

  • Streaming more often
  • Imrpoving the quality of my stream (Webcam, custom graphics etc.)
  • Launching a podcast
  • Learning video-editing and launching a youtube channel

Outline for a reward structure

Patreon allows me to have a tiered set of rewards depending on your contributions. Currently I am planning to have three levels and they will be tiered as below. Please let me know if you think the structure can be improved, or if there’s some service you would be particularly interested that is not on the list.

  • 1 USD per month: Special Discord role, Access to Patron Only discord channel and forums, 3-day early access to all blog posts
  • 3 USD per month: As above plus access to my Premium TSM settings package (my full setup with instructions to set it up), plus one question for a monthly Q&A post where I will answer your questions in depth
  • 5 USD per month: As above plus a one hour 1-on-1 gold making coaching session

Depending on the support and your feedback this is obviously going to be subject to change.

Below we will go a bit into how i envision some of the rewards mentioned above.

Patron only forum

The idea for my patron only forum is to create a level for high level gold making discussion. For basic gold making advice and discussions the woweconomy subreddit is already way better than anything I can build and I don’t see any point in competing with it. I envision this as a place where we can hone our TSM settings to eke out that extra 2% in profit margin and get into higher level discussions on the major strategies.

Premium TSM package

I have been publishing most of my TSM settings since I launched the blog almost 1.5 years ago. This will continue into BfA. My premium package will include the only group I have not shared which is my Battle pet flipping operations. This is not a product I have finished yet, but the idea is to include all my TSM settings along a well designed PDF that takes you through the setup process and the basic rationale behind my operations.

Monthly Q&A post

The monthly Q&A post is a way for me to go deeper into specific issues or challenges that face you guys. This will allow me to spend a decent amount of time looking into and giving valuable context-dependent answer.

Coaching session

For the coaching session I am planning a structure where we go through your current setup in terms of characters and professions. I will then help you setup the most important groups and find the best markets for your realm. Together we will also look into automating as much as the process as possible by customizing my TSM settings where appropriate as well as finding a good daily gold making routine for you to follow.

What do YOU think?

Please let me know in the comments what you think about the proposed rewards. Is there anything YOU want to see from me?

I am doing this so I can give you guys more of what you want. Gold making is my passion and helping you guys reach your in game gold goals and dreams has been amazing so far!

With the patreon page I hope to get even more of you to the level where you can comfortably pay your sub with gold and buy anything you want with gold!

12 thoughts on “Announcing My Patreon Page

  1. Heya!

    This looks great. I would maybe raise your price barriers a little bit. Particularly for the tier 3 reward. If you think about it you will be working for an hour for a rate of less than $5/hr (once patron takes it’s cut) which is not sustainable. If say 20 people bought that level you’d lose 20 hours for less than half a days pay. I figure of you are bringing value to their time you need to be getting some value for yours.

    Alternatively maybe make it a monthly class style coaching session at that level and save the one-on-one session for a higher tier? $5 is well within a lot of people’s budget and that way all those folks could be grouped up and only cost you a few hours of time and the folks willing to give over extra for tailored stuff can as well and it won’t be such a big drain on your time.

    She says as a mother of two that knows the cost of time. I hope you little and the missus are all well and good luck with this! I’ll try and chip in when you get it live 🙂

    Meraki xx

    1. Hey Meraki,

      Thanks for chiming in. I am well aware that the 1 hour coaching sessions would likely not be sustainable.

      I like your idea of a class style session and then I can reserve coaching for a higher tier.

      My new family is doing great. My daughter is amazing so far.

  2. I think the prices are OK except for the “rank 3”. As Katie in the above post said, it is not really sustainable (not sure if that how you would say in english) for you to have an 1hour coach session for just 5 dollars.

    Also, I’m not sure how Patreon works but how does it work with other currencies? 1 dollars is around 3,10 of my country currency. The Patreon would already process the exchange?

    1. Definetly appreciate your thoughts Andre. I will take another look at the reward tiers for sure.

      As for currencies Patreon would take your payment in uSD. Your payment provider will usually give you an exchange rate when you pay something in a foreign currency. Whether this is paypal, your credit card provider or your bank is something I’m not 100% sure about.

      1. I’ll take a look but, unfortunately, I probably will not have the chance to pay for while since I’m trying to transfer my university course to Portugal and its taking almost every penny I have haha 🙂

        1. No worries man. It’s only meant for people who are in a position to support me. I will be providing the same level if free content as before.

  3. As a guy who “farms” overtime working 12 hour shifts 12 days out of a two day pay period and has never used Patreon, I’d gladly shoot ya 3 bucks a month to have my TSM set up to maximize my 2-3hrs in game a night. I say roll it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I’ve already started working on polishin up my TSM setup so it’s in ship shape.

  4. Love the Idea! I don’t get to devote as much time as I’d like to making gold, so any steps in improving that process are always appreciated, plus, I love your content!

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