Announcing the 30 days to a token challenge: Round two

On Monday this week my fresh Demon Hunter hit level 120, so I’m ready to get started with round two of the 30 days to a token challenge. 

The challenge

The challenge is the same as last time. Starting with a fresh 120, with nothing but the gold and materials I got from leveling from 110 to 120 I am going to make it to a token in less than 30 days. I have 11600 gold from leveling, alongside a smattering of cloth and meat. 

The purpose

Obviously the point is to show how you can go from zero to a token in 30 days to pay for your subscription. I want to do this without just farming the entire token, but while laying the groundwork for putting in less work for the nest token. Last time around I focused perhaps a little too much on the long term and I barely finished in time, but I did end with two leveled professions and another 20 000 gold and 110 000 worth of auctions left over. 

The rules

  • 1 character, which is a completely fresh level 120
  • No brutosaur
  • 1 realm obviously
  • I start with 11 669 gold (This is what I got leveling from 110-120 while vendoring every single drop.)
  • I start with level 1 professions
  • I start with the materials I got from leveling 110-120

Initial approach

I took a quick look at the spreadsheet for my realm. The biggest thing I learned from last time is that I do not want to go heavy into crafting right away, as this limits your capital too much. The first week I will want to do some farming. I’m planning to go mining, and I will pick up inscription from day one as well. 

From looking over the spreadsheet it seems like milling has the potential to be extremely profitable on this realm, and this is great. Material shuffles accessible at very low crafting profession levels are the dream. I’ll be spending gold on herbs, milling, posting on the AH and then it’s off to farm with mining. I’ll probably work on some gear as well, particularly to get around in Nazjatar efficiently. 

I considered both jewelcrafting for prospecting and enchanting for the enchanting shuffle, but the shuffle requires the tool of the trade to be profitable and prospecting is not profitable. 

I may supplement my main professions with fishing and cooking, as both look fairly good, but we’ll see how much time I have and what I want to spend it on. 


I will be tracking the challenge the same way I did last time, making sure you get plenty of data, and that we can recap what worked and what didnt. Hopefully we can make it significantly faster than 30 days this time around!

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