Antorus Release Date confirmed: Time to Stock Up!

Yesterday the release date of the new Antorus raid was confirmed. Normal and Heroic will open on the 28th of November, with Mythic coming the week after.

A new raid means that demand for consumables and item enhancements will increase! If you are in the business of crafting it can be a great idea to stock up while material prices are low.

A look back on old raid releases

Back before Tomb of Sargeras released I analyzed the price movements of several items around the launch of the Nighthold. Today we will look at what happened when ToS released and compare it to what I found when Nighthold released. This will help you figure out what you should stock up on to maximize your profits when the new raid releases.


When Nighthold released I found that both potions, flasks, enchants and gems went up by substantial amounts. Enchant prices increased by about 20% region wide on Eu and Potion of the Prolonged Power doubled in price.

Tomb of Sargeras


For enchanting we will take a look at BiS neck and ring enchants.

In the table below we compare the price two weeks before ToS opened and 1 week after it opened for the two enchants. Both prices are EU region prices so individual servers can have smaller or larger variation, but the trend should hold true for the majority of servers.

As we can easily see the prices increased by very large factors. The smallest percentage increase over this period was 46%. We are still in prime position to stock up on enchants, so you should definetly go crazy buying materials the coming two weeks! Keep in mind that this is region pricing, so we would expect single servers to have even larger increases than this.


For alchemy we will look at flasks and potions. While potion of Prolonged Power remains the most popular one, I think it is a good idea to take a look at all of them.

As we can see the price changes are quite small. We only really see bumps in the most in demand items. That being said there are some quite substantial variations between servers for alchemy so I definetly think it is a good idea to stock. The worst case is that your stock moves much faster than it did before Antorus opens. The price will definetly not be going down.


Jewelcrafting will only be able to give an indication. Since Tomb of Sargeras the new Epic gems have been added to the game. I think we can expect them to show similar behaviour to the rare gems from Tomb of Sargeras so we will use them as a proxy.

Once again I will remind you that these are region aggregate prices. Some of the gems showed much larger increases on my realm. Masterful Shadowruby for instance went from 1250 to above 3000 gold in the same time frame. Now you can’t know which of these scenarios will be true on your realm, so gems are a slightly riskier option.


For cooking we will look at the BiS editions. That means the Lavish Suramar Feast and the +375 secondary stat versions.

As we can see the feasts did not increase much in value. My theory is that the majority of feasts are provided by guildbanks so there are likely less players buying them from the Auction house. For the secondary stat foods we see increases that vary quite a lot.


Price on most item enhancements and consumables are likely to increase when Antorus opens. You should stock up in any of the markets you are in. Buying materials is likely a good idea as you retain flexibility. In general it looks like enchanting is one of the best professions to stock. Food is also great as is the high end gems. Alchemy is less useful than the other, but Potion of Prolonged Power stick out as a good opportunity.



4 thoughts on “Antorus Release Date confirmed: Time to Stock Up!

  1. Wanted to point out that for feasts it’s much easier to follow the bacon market instead, because there technically isn’t an *infinite* amount of bacon that can be farmed from open world to the AH. In 2 of the guild’s i’ve been in, the bank has been hoarding bacon just for the sake of not being affected by the possible bacon shortage of raid release.

    1. That’s a very good point. I haven’t dabbled much in feasts so I don’t have any direct knowledge. I think applying some scaling to your pricing based on bacon prices might be a good idea.

  2. I found a amazing loop hole in my server’s market creating Obliterum and Primal Obliterum, but should I sell all my stock before Antorius? Or do we know if crafted armour be upgraded?

    1. Obliterum is very separated from raid content. People who raid for gear typically dont need obliterum to improve their ilvl. you should just sell when its high and hoard when its low, people buy obliterum in stacks of 10 at a time, so you can easily overcut if you sell in 10s instead of 1 at a time. I’ve seen obliterum prices jump from 1k to 2k in a day, its entirely based on the daily supply since you can get obliterum ash from every crafted profession.

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