Sales analysis: The last 30 days

I analyzed the sales from my last 30 days back in september, and now that my zero to one million challenge is over it’s a perfect time to do another. I will start my next challenge series next week. My plan is to document my way from one million to gold cap on my challenge realm. Anyway, time to go into my TSM data.

TSM summary

Let’s look at the total TSM summary. AS you can see the balance looks pretty bad as I bought a ton of tokens just before Blizzcon. I purchased tokens for about 4 million gold in total.

If we subtract my purchases from my sales however we can easily see that I have averaged 32k gold in profit per day for the last 30 days. This is higher than it was in september as my last 30 days had a profit of 26k per day then. The last 7 days are even better with an average daily profit of about 100k. That’s mostly because the BoE market is in stasis for me until the TSM team can fix the dbmarket issue.

My top sellers have not changed since last time. Vial of the sands brings in the most gold of all my items. I have solde very few nightborne delicacy platters since last time, mostly because I have been focusing on lower time commitment markets, like BoEs and expensive mounts to free up time for my challenge realm.

Gold graph

My gold graph has two very significant cliffs this time. The first one was when I hit gold cap and transfered a lot of gold out. The second one was this week when I purchased a lot of tokens to hedge any Blizzcon announcement spikes in token price. between the two purchases you can see that my gold was steadily trending upwards and I made about 2 million gold over the period.


Top sellers

As we can see I have not really been in any volume markets the last 30 days. I have sold a nice amount of enchants, but outside of that the list shows a lot of crafted 850 gear and Legion BoEs. We can see that mount sales are a bit slower than the last 30 day period I analyzed. I have not sold too many panthers. I have sold 7 Vial of the sands however, so that’s very nice. I think my reposting might be a bit less consistent over the last 30 days so that would explain why I’ve sold fewer mounts.

If we sort by average price the list is predictably dominated by BoEs and expensive mounts. I have focused on keeping the panthers in stock, so the reduced sales is annoying. Not sure if it’s due to reposting rate or whether I’ve run out, but either way it is not what I want.

Top buys

I have been doing a lot of material shopping lately. I have recently dived into a new market, MoP PVP crafted gear, so that explains the Mists materials (post coming up). I have also started restocking 850 gear slightly more diligently. In addition to this my vial of the sands material stockpiles have been dwindling so I have been purchasing those materials aggresively as well.

Main Markets

The main markets I will go more in depth into in this post are expensive mounts, enchanting, BoE flipping, leatherworking, and Darkmoon decks. I have not been keeping up with jewelcrafting on my main realm at all so sales are so slow there as to be meaningless.

Expensive mounts

Mount sales remain one of the most consistent markets for me. The total sales over the last 30 days is very similar to my total sales in the last 30 day period I analyzed. I have been better at stocking the engineering mounts and the rockets have made up for the reduced panther sales. Vial of the Sands remains the top dog and will likely always remain the top dog in this market. Average daily sales of 47000 gold is quite impressive. This is definetly still one of the best markets to be in for a crafter, even if the profit margins are usually not amazing.

If you want to break into it, keep in mind you should use alchemy to minimize material prices. Check out my posts on the subject if you want to learn more:


As we can easily see from the summary above enchanting is still a great profession, even in a between raid lull. I have a lot of materials stockpiled so I could make sales for about 200k with almost no purchases. If I had been more diligent on raid reset days I could likely have made even more money. I have not been undercutting or posting particularly aggressively. My daily sales are still almost double what they were in my September analysis, so I have been making more gold here lately!

BoE Flipping

Legion BoE flipping has been one of my favorite markets this expansion. As we can see I have had average sales per day of about 85 000 gold the last 30 days. This is a massive increase compared to September. I have also been restocking much more aggressively as we can see my average spend over the 30 day period is 84 500 gold. The average daily profit over the last 30 days is a measly 1k gold. I have made about 13k per day since I reset this character however, so the market is definetly good. I expect the summary would have looked even better if I hadn’t lost the last 4 days of posting to the TSM dbmarket outage.


The leatherworking 850 gear continues to sell at a very nice pace. 4600 gold average sales over the last 30 days with a pretty lax re-posting and restocking schedule is great. This is double my sale rate compared to my September summary so that’s amazing. I have been quite a bit more diligent in keeping the items in stock so that will likely explain the increased sales. Keep in mind that I only stock bracers and gloves, so the potential in this market if you can obtain bloods to stock all slots will be pretty amazing. I should really start stocking chest pieces as well as they do not require any Bloods of Sargeras.

Darkmoon decks

I replaced jewelcrafting with darkmoon decks this time as I have been much more active in this market. As we can see I have averaged sales of about 7 000 gold per day over the last 30 days. I have started restocking these again, as I hadn’t crafted them for a REALLY long time. As we can see sales are still good and if you have the rank 3 recipes and want to dip your toes into this RNG infested pool you should.

3 thoughts on “Sales analysis: The last 30 days

  1. Hey Lazy, how you doing? I used to to follow your blog few months ago but had to take a break from wow (and wow related content) due to university but now (due to new expansion hype) I’m back, at least till I finish my dream to move to EU.

    Anyway, I’m not playing much but I would like to know if you have any tip for a sniping profile or items to keep an eye on now haha

    best of luck, your content is amazing

    1. Hey, I’m doing great.

      Welcome back to WoW!

      For sniping I have usually used BilisOnyxias sniping string. I don’t snipe much at the moment as It’s hard enough to keep up with re-posting on my second account. As for items to keep an eye out for in terms of flipping I suggest looking at Legion BoEs and legion materials.

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