Are Sunwell Dailies worth your time?

So, with the Sunwell patch out, let’s look at how good the dailies actually are for gold!

I did a full lap

So I did a full lap of clearing dailies, with a sub optimal farming spec and my phase 1 geared warlock. Obviously that means that if you have been playing the entire time, and or you have an optimized farming spec you will be doing it faster than me. There’s only some of the quests that require mob killing though, so overall I doubt the difference is too big. 

The results?

I ended up with 125 gold earned, and probably about 10-15 more in materials I earned from killing mobs. It took me just under an hour to do it. On my realm, we are currently progressing the dailies, and we are only up to the battle for Sun’s Reach Armory. 

Either way, I ended up with about 150 gold per hour. 

Farming methods

Other farming methods will generally yield anywhere from 100 to 300+ gold per hour (depending on class and realm). As such doing your dailies is actually surprisingly efficient from a farming perspective, especially considering the fact that there’s no price risk or delay, and you can potentially get some valuable greens from the supplies. 

What about the AH?

I haven’t actually done any real experiments recording my output from crafting, but I do have my profit per hour from flipping materials. Where my data indicated about 500 gold per hour. Thus the dailies are still a little inefficient compared to the most time-efficient methods in the game. 

Stop doing dailies when you’re done

In my opinion this shows that it’s not really worth doing dailies once you no longer need the rep. The only reason to keep doing them then would be because you enjoy them. You could potentially keep doing just the ones on the Isle, as the ones around Outland add a LOT of travel time. Once everything has unlocked on the isle it could be slightly better from an efficiency point of view, compared to farming, but it will still lag behind more optimized pure farming routes. 

Inflation effects

The inflation effect is probably going to be very strong. This period we are in right now will have a lot of potential to make gold. More gold is being injected into the economy than at any other point of TBC, which means players have more to spend on everything. I would not be surprised to see a lot of items increase in price. 

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