Preparing for Wrath Classic: Which items will increase in value?

With wrath of the Lich King classic on the not too far horizon now is the time to consider investment opportunities.

What will keep value?

To find items that will increase in value we will be looking at items that will still be useful, but that will have lower supply, or items that will have higher demand for a while.

Generally speaking most gold is spent on increasing the power of characters, and the vast majority of top sellers in TBC classic will lose value, as you don’t need top end TBC gear using significant numbers of primals.

Death Knights

Wrath Classic brings with it a new class, and we can expect that a lot of people will be making death knights around the time of the pre-patch. These players will be in the market for bags, and potentially consumables and gear. They will also likely want to level professions to 375 to be ready for Wrath and to get the optimal profession benefits.

Stocking up on bags and materials to re-level professions for the pre-patch is going to be the main play.

Re-leveling professions

The other main effect is players changing their professions for the optimal setups in wrath, which will be different from the optimal setup in TBC. The biggest factor here is the absolute domination of engineering. The engineering only enchants are absolutely incredible, offering both utility and damage output.

Jewelcrafting is the other top profession, which seems to be suggested quite regularly across a wide variety of specs and classes. This means we can expect to see some very real demand for the materials needed to go 1-375 in these professions. This means classic ores and stones in particular, and these items are already quite expensive on many realms.

The bottle-necks

I’ve gone through all the materials and charted the quantity available on my realm and compared it to how many you would need to level your profession. We can see the results below for the two professions. What stands out to me is that some lower level gems are a huge bottle neck for jewelcrafting, particularly Moss Agates, as well as Solid Stone, Mithril Bars and Thorium bars. Flask of Mojo is also a potential option for jewelcrafting.

Some cloth wearers will be tailors, but there will most likely be a lot of cloth wearers that are already tailors from TBC classic, so I do not see cloth demand rising as much as ore and stone demand.

JC bottlenecks are real

The bottle necks for leveling Jewelcrafting are VERY significant. This is of course not the only possible shopping list, but it is the one from which is the top google result if you search for a profession leveling guide.

TBC Materials??

Players will want to level to 375, but there’s a lot more supply available for TBC era materials, and as we enter the pre-patch players will be liquidating stock. We could definitely see potential increases here as well, but I think classic era mats have much more potential, as there’s way fewer active farmers.

How much is too much?

It depends on your realm size and gold totals. This is a risky play, and there’s absolutely no guarantee you will end up making a profit, To even consider this you will have to be available to play during the pre-patch. If you can’t sell your items then, the risk is too high.

I would probably limit myself to about 3-4 profession kits, but if you have the storage space and gold and you are on a high population realm you can consider going higher.

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