Battle for Azeroth: Jewelcrafting Preview

Jewelcrafting is one of the top 3 of typical power house professions together with enchanting and alchemy. As one of the main professions with access to item enhancements, jewelcrafting is typically great, and BfA is not looking different.

Recipes and ranks

Once again we are still in the dark on how and where the recipes are obtained. As we get closer to launch there will likely be more updated information on this note.

What can Jewelcrafters craft?

Jewelcrafting in BfA will look very similar to Legion. Rings, epic primary stat gems and the normal gems are all making comebacks. In addition to this jewelcrafters can craft 2-handed staves, which is an interesting new market.

  • Epic Gems
  • Rare gems
  • Uncommon Gems
  • Rings
  • Weapons
  • Prospecting

This list only contains the items that can actually be traded as we are focused on the gold making aspects of the profession.

Epic Gems

Epic gems were amazing in Legion. At launch BfA will have Kraken’s eyes that are similar to the Saber’s Eyes in Legion. You can only have one of these, but it is much stronger than the regular secondary stat gems. It’s not yet official how the base gems are obtained, but getting this recipe early will be a great opportunity.

I got 800 jewelcrafting very early in Legion and profit margins on the Saber’s eyes were 100% for a long while, and they sold at a very fast rate. This is going to be a GREAT market yet again.

Rare Gems

Rare gems will be a thing once again giving bonuses to secondary stats. Blizzard have gone away from requiring any other materials than the uncut gems in BfA, which is great as the Blood of Sargeras requirements kept me out of this market in Legion.

These will always sell will and will be a great complement to the epic gems as players fill their sockets. We don’t know the prevalence of sockets in BfA, but it is reasonable to assume it will be similar to Legion. This means you will sell a good amount of gems per week, especially on raid reset days.

Uncommon Gems

Uncommon gems are usually not particularly interesting. You can cut them, but demand is usually non-existent. One novelty in BfA is that the red gems can be cut into gems that give increased experience. While this is certainly useful, the red gems will have so low demand outside the XP-gem that I don’t expect profit margins to be great.


BfA will bring two sets of rings, one at required level 111 and one at 120. The rings are based on uncommon or rare gems. As in Legion I expect these to be very highly in demand. Rings only give secondary stats and the difference between stats is usually so large that item level matters much less than getting the right stats. The best stat combinations will sell for A LOT of gold.

The uncommon rings will mostly be useful for players leveling and for the potential shuffles in BfA. One or more of them will likely be profitable to either disenchant or turn into Expulsom at the Scrapper.


A completely new addition is BfA is the addition of crafted weapons. It seems like Blizzard have worked hard at increasing parity in terms of types of crafts in BfA. You can craft staffs both for level 111 and level 120 and I expect there will be demand for both variations.

Just as for other crafted weapons I expect this to be a good market. Staves will likely be a bit more in demand than 1-handers for casters as you can fill both slots with one item.


Prospecting is the process of turning ores into gems. This is often very profitable. It is very capital intensive, especially early in the expansion. As we don’t really know anything about prospecting rates it’s hard to say anything concrete except that I expect this to be as profitable as ever!

Overall Impression

Jewelcrafting looks like it will keep it’s slot at the top in BfA. In addition to gems and prospecting jewelcrafters get access to crafted weapons. I expect Jewelcrafting to be extremely good in BfA.

As in Legion it will be key to get the epic gem recipes early as demand will be sky high. Jewelcrafting is typically a profession that retains profitability so you can not go wrong with having this on your main!

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2 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth: Jewelcrafting Preview

  1. Man. I’m so happy that they are bring weapons again. It feels right, you know… gameplay wise.

    It is also a great way to explore and having fun discovering new markets.

    After BfA release do you plan to make posts talking about the professions and passing tips on groups and strings for each profession again?

    1. Weapons are great.

      Once BfA launches I will be writing specific guides for markets in BfA complete with TSM settings.

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