Legion Jewelcrafting guide: Part 2

In part 2 of my Jewelcrafting writeup i will go over the end products from jewelcrafting and how to sell them, and my TSM groups and how to set them up.

As i detailed in part 1 the main moneymaking process in jewelcrafting is prospecting. After prospecting you will have a large amount of gems and you need to process and sell these in the most profitable way. My jewelcrafting spreadsheet gives you a quick look at the most profitable crafts, and this will should be a guideline. The only issue is of course that items sell at different rates, so you can’t just craft one type and hope to sell it all in a reasonable time.


Uncommon gems

I’va already alluded to my main end-products in my last post. If you can cut them and sell them profitably, that is the easiest way to unload them. If you prospect enough you might not be able to sell them fast enough however, and you will be sitting on large stockpiles of chaotic spinels and sangrite. The alternatives then are obliterum and Enchanting mats if you have access to enchanting or the Obliterum Forge. If Obliterum divided by 120 is higher than the price of arkhana, you should craft rings and obliterate them. Otherwise disenchant them for Arkhanas and Chaos crystals. My spreadsheet will tell you what is most profitable here.

Here are my suggestions for posting the products on the Auction House:

I post cut gems in stacks of 1. At the moment i post 2 at the time using the same generalised operation as i use for cut and uncut rare gems.

I find sangrite to be more or less worthless, and i dump them straight up on the Auction House in stacks of 10. If anyone has a use for them please let me know.

I post Obliterum in stacks of, and post up to seven at the time. It generally sells super fast.

For selling arkhanas and leylight shards i strongly suggest large stacks and overcuts (Pricing the items above the minimum buyout). Players are posting very large amounts of these in stacks of 1. People do not want to get Repetitive Strain injury from clicking auctions. Your larger stacks will sell well.

Leveling to 800

I very strongly suggest that you try to level to 800. I’m currently at about a 150k gold profit in total for my jewelcrafting group. This is off an investment of 940k so nothing to write home about, but when you look at the last week, which is after i got epic gems, my profit is 200k this week alone. Obviously i spent a lot of gold leveling JC, but it has paid off within a week.

Leveling to 800 skill is a pain in the ass. You need a rank 3 necklace recipe as these are the only recipes that give skillups from 780-800. These recipes turn green at 790, so the last 10 skillpoints can be quite expensive. I lost about 5-6k gold per crafted necklace. For an overview of the recipes and where to find them as well as a more comprehensive look on leveling jewelcrafting, take a look here.

To craft epic gems you need access to Blood of Sargeras. Personally I have trouble getting enough of them. I strongly suggest running the Boon of the Bloodseeker enchant from Wardens Revered to increase your blood gain. Through Epic Gems they are worth several thousand gold each on my server, and there is no way another shoulder enchant can compete with that.

Rare gems

As i alluded to above you need figure out the best crafting mix. For me, i can spend all my pandemonite and furystone on Epic gems, and I have been doing that. I’ve had some success selling rings, but I havent had much in terms of gem surplus to craft them lately. They have sold at a profit over some time, but prices crashed about a week ago, and stopped being profitable at rank 2 for me. I personally wouldnt recommend crafting rings without the Rank 3 recipes, but they could be profitable. Check prices on your server and compare it to other potential crafts.

Premiums on rare gems seem to be going up on my server, so spending bloods on these might be a very attractive use of your bloods. Remember to check your prices.

I cant tell you the optimal crafting mix, as you will have to figure it out as you sell. I would suggest crafting a small amount of everything and seeing how fast you run out, then scale up whatever is flying off the shelves the fastest.

My TSM groups

I’ve set up a Jewelcrafting TSM group with operations that you can import.

Before you import the groups you need to create three custom price sources I have defined for estimating the value of leystone and felslate. These are based on the minimum buyouts of the expected yield of rare gems. As you will get uncommon gems and gem chips as well as having the ability to create more valuable items with the rare gems, this should ensure a profit.

Custom price sources are found here in TSM:


You create a new source by writing the name in the field:


And then you paste the actual price source code into the custom price field found below:


I have created three sources called prospecting, leystone and felslate. The code for all three can be found below. Copy and paste the code into the price source field as shown, and make sure you use the correct names.


Price String








The pastebin with the Jewelcrafting group and related operations can be found here.

When importing groups in TSM go to the groups tab, marked in blue, and create a new group. Then click import/export (red) and paste the code from the pastebin into the field circled in yellow. Remember to check “move already grouped items” box.


You might want to set up some mailing operations to send items between your alts, but I leave that up to you. If you need help setting up TSM I suggest Phat Lewts video Guides found here.


Hope the TSM setup helps you, I am making large amounts of gold on this, and I highly recommend it.

18 thoughts on “Legion Jewelcrafting guide: Part 2

  1. Hi, thanks for all of the info you’re posting here, it’s really helping me with getting into gold making with JC! Your way of thinking and overall game plan to WoW is entirely different to how I’ve been looking at the game since Vanilla and it’s giving me great insight into the Goblin world. I can really relate to your philosophy around gold making and am around the point of when you were first shown how to shuffle cloth. My spark being shown how you could profit off of buying ore, prospect weaving and then selling the rare gems.

    Thanks for all of this content, I’m going to be quite a consistent reader!

    One quick query I have, is there any chance I could have a discussion with you about trivial things within TSM and about gold making in general, just to help wrap my head around TSM specifically.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hey dude,
      Thanks for the support Drabs!
      I aim to provide both specific techniques and my implementation of them and the reasoning behind why I think it works and how I see the markets operate in WoW.

      I try to stream a bit on twitch, usually between 22-01 CET. I’d be more than happy to chat with you either on stream or whenever Im online through discord or something similar.

      TSM can be a mouthful and Id be more than happy to help. Im at work now, but ill look into setting up a discord or something similar tonight.


  2. Hey, Im a bit confused on this. I have all your imports set up, and i filled out the spreadsheet based on my servers prices, only thing is that they fluctuate pretty frequently. Is there a way to have it auto update via API? or would that not work. Also do you have a crafting operation for the gems? Im a bit confused on which to craft and which not to.

    1. Hey,
      I am putting the finishing touches on a spreadsheet that downloads the TSM API data directly for your realm. It will be released today or tomorrow.

      I dont currently have any crafting operations for gems as Im limited by access to Blood of Sargeras. I just craft so I have equal amounts of epic gems. I could look into making some operations, but the blood limit means they have limited value for me personally. In general I would craft gems if the cut versions are worth more than 400g more than the uncuts, and otherwise probably leave it be

      Hope it helps a bit!

    1. My newest groups use 80% dbmarket as max price. I should change them to account for prospecting value. Thanks for letting me know. In the meantime you can use my spreadsheet or TSM prospect to figure oute the value

    2. I just updated my Legion Materials TSM group. Felslat and leystone shopping operations are now based on TSM prospecting value. I use 80% but you can set it to what you want. The group can be found in my pastebin here:

      1. Do you think that the TSM destroy value is more accurate than the custom formula that you used? I always find it to be a bit unreliable..

      2. Spoke to Bart – the prospecting values in TSM are very old and not to be relied on! However they are looking to update them so if you have a better idea of true prospect rates I’m sure they would find it useful.

        1. I’ll show them my assumptions then, My results were pretty robust in October and there hasnt been any documented changes since then that I know of. I guess I’ll implement a full custom price in TSM when I have time.

          1. I implemented your logic (per your spreadsheet/ october findings) in TSM and found there was only a 1g difference on my realm between your logic and the TSM default one. It isn’t too far off yours actually, most like stuff like 0.048 where it should be 0.04.

          2. If it’s that small then there’s probably not much point in implementing a better estimate than TSM destroy. Could of cours be a problem with some of my guesses for the felslate rate, but at one gold difference we are both in the correct ballpark. If you are buying at 80% destroy or lower profits should be completely robust regardless.

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