BfA Cooking: The 8.2 recipes

I never wrote about the 8.2 cooking recipes, which is a huge oversight as they are the latest generic stat foods available. I’m currently making a decent bit with these recipes in my retread of the 30 days to a token challenge, and there are some details to be aware of in this market. 

The recipes

Let’s take a look at what recipes we got in 8.2!

Secondary stat buffs

There are four types of stat food, one for each secondary stat. All of these will sell of course, as there are usually at least one spec that values one stat above the others. Based on region numbers the crit food is the most popular one, followed by mastery. 

Rank 1 and rank 2 are both trained from your profession trainer starting at skill level 140. Rank 3 comes from world quests in Nazjatar, so just get ready to be patient and wait for them to spawn. 

Utility food

In addition to the stat foods, there are two novelty foods, with the Mecha-Bytes and Unagi Skwewer, none of which sell particularly well. 


Lastly the Famine Evaluator and Snack Table is the 8.2 feast and provides a sizeable mainstat buff. This is in many ways the strongest one, but particularly for mythic+ there is a lot of buff food going around. 

You learn rank 1 for the feast from your trainer at skill level 160. Rank 2 is locked behind Rustbolt Resistance Exalted. Hopefully you have already done this, as otherwise it will be quite the slog. Rank 3 is a random drop from Mechagon and fairly easy to get. Getting rank 3 is incredibly important as it reduces the spare crate requirement to 1 per feast.

Bind on pickup materials

In addition to the regular tradeable materials Blizzard added two BoP materials that are needed in some of these recipes: Spare parts and Ionized Minnows. Both the Feast and the Crit food require both of these BoP materials. For the feast you have to turn 250 Spare parts into a Spare parts crate with junkyard tinkering. 

Obtaining spare parts

Spare parts drop from any Mechagon mob, there are usually groups up for farming the elites in Junkwatt depot. You can combine the other parts they drop to bundles that you can turn in for even more spare parts making it fairly efficient. Just look in the group finder for spare parts farm and you can easily find one and get farming. 

Obtaining Ionized Minnows

To get Ionized minnows you have to do the quests on the west coast of Mechagon up to “Tidying up”. Once that is done you can just ask the questgiver for a minnow vac. This will let you fish a Minnow school empty in seconds giving you 18-30 minnows per cast. It does have a 10 second cooldown, but you can still farm these very efficiently. 

Valuing your BoP materials

Since you have to farm both of them there is no correct way to value them. You will have to figure out how much profit margin you want to get out of crafting the food and selling it. I’d suggesting hard coding the gold value under /tsm crafting -> crafting reports -> materials. 

TSM settings

For food you want to post a decent volume and repost often, particularly on raid reset nights. Food will usually sell in larger quantities, so you should always post several stacks. I’ve had a lot of success so far in my 30 days to a token challenge with these recipes and I hope you do too!

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