Goblin Mindset: The characteristics of high level goldmaking

Last week I talked about entry level markets, so I thought it would be a great point to shift attention to how higher level markets compare. 

The issue of high level goldmaking

Once you are quite rich the biggest issue you will face will be to even be able to invest all your gold. It’s very hard to find profitable things to buy when you are rich, as spending millions on the AH is not easy. Generally this means that the amount of gold you have on you is almost never the limiting factor. 

This frees you from thinking too much about profit margins and let’s you think more about generating raw profits. 10% of 1 million is way more than 50% of 10 000. 

Expensive is good

You want to focus on items that are as expensive as possible. The more expensive it is, the less difference you have to have between the buy and the sell price to make it worth your while. This is particularly true for flipping where you can really ramp up the gold per hour by flipping very expensive items. 

For crafting markets the same also holds true. Recipes like the Geosynchronous World Spinner that requires 60 000 gold worth of vendor materials will not be something anyone can craft. 

Use volume to win in crafting markets

If you are rich enough you can afford to buy all the materials when they are available cheaply. You can build a stockpile of materials all bought for less than market value and use this to beat your opposition. This isn’t a market per se, but it’s a very important part of how you can operate when you already have gold. 

You can afford to wait

You can afford to wait a day or three for your items to return a profit. You have enough of a stockpile that you don’t have to look for quick turn arounds to keep buying materials or nice items to flip. This means you can now enter markets with low sale rates like expensive Transmog. The raw profits available in a lot of these markets are amazing. You can afford to wait to realize that profit as well, which is very nice. 

Sample markets

So let’s look at some sample markets and why they make sense. 

Vial of the Sands

Vial of the Sands is a crafted mount that requires vendor materials worth 29 000 gold. This will ensure that not just anyone can craft it, and that the price will remain fairly high for ever. 20% profit here will always be nice and it will remain relevant forever. 

BoE Flipping

The number one most flashy method in recent versions of WoW. You buy and sell high end pieces of loot, in 8.3 the corruptions have been particularly profitable as the best corruptions are undisputed best in slot items. High-end gear is very expensive, can be hard to price and will generally move slowly. All this means that it only makes sense if you are already fairly rich, but if you are it is amazing. 

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