BfA Goldmaking: Flipping BfA mounts

As we are at the end of an expansion now is the time to focus on cosmetic items and items that have the potential to go up in value. The BfA world drop mounts cover both those aspects so let’s take a look at them!

Cosmetics reign supreme in the content lull

When players are done with progression many will shift their focus over to cosmetic collections. Player power will be invalidated in the pre-patch or Shadowlands by new sources of gear and power so focusing your gold in that direction is a lot less interesting. 

Mounts are typically the most popular cosmetic item type in the game. They are striking, cool and there are a bunch of relatively easy to work towards meta-achievements for bragging rights. Crafted mounts have always had much better sale rates than transmog for instance. 

Enter the world drop mounts

As I covered in my post about potential investment opportunities there are several world drop mounts that are currently primarily generated through 2×4 farming and multiboxers doing raw gold farms. I don’t expect these spots to be competitive when Shadowlands rolls around as Blizzard has a long history of nerfing old content that remains too relevant. 

This is of course interesting long term, but you can also flip these profitably right now. 

Deep value is key

I’ve already successfully flipped one mount, and I’ve spent a significant amount. So far I have mostly bought mounts at actual market value as a longer term investment, but I have done some successful flipping. Generally you want to look for the deepest value you can, which means finding cheap items. 

Abyssal Fragments

Abyssal fragments are a semi-special case as they are not a mount directly, they just give access to one. You need 20, so the sale rate is very spiky, which makes them perfect for flipping. I suggest just posting as much as possible in increments of 20 as they sell quite well. 

TSM Setup

The TSM setup includes all the mounts from BfA, as well as a couple of mounts from earlier expansions. I started with a limited number of mounts to gain some experience and now that I know the market works I will eventually add as many mounts as I can find. The setup uses 80% dbmarket as the maximum shopping price, if you do not have too much capital you will want to adjust this down. If the volume of mounts below your maximum price is too high consider waiting or reducing your max shopping price further. 

Mounts get posted atleast 25% higher than what you paid for it by using the avgbuy price source. 

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