BfA Goldmaking: Inscription in patch 8.3

Inscription did not get too many new recipes in patch 8.3, but it still makes sense to see how the profession works right now. I’ve ended up using it in both my last two versions of the 30 days to a token challenge, and it has some very nice recipes still. 

New recipes in 8.3

8.3 only added four new recipes. Contracts for the two new 8.3 factions, as well as a new Uncanny combatant version of the off-hand and of course the Vantus Rune for Ny’alotha. All of these recipes are relevant from a goldmaking point of view and are well worth your time. The contracts require you to be revered to get them, so if you have not done the work on your scribe now is the time. 

The Uncanny Combatant off-hand is trained from the trainer, with ranks 2 and 3 available for purchase with marks of honor. The Vantus Rune recipe drops from Ny’alotha with all three recipes dropping from any boss at any difficulty. 

Old recipes that remain relevant

The highborne compendium trinkets are relevant on many realms still. They sell well and are the same item level as the other crafted gear added in patch 8.3. The contracts for 8.2 reputations are also very much in demand. Outside of that we have the war-scrolls and Talent reset tomes that will keep some value for the rest of the expansion. 

I would suggest keeping all of these recipes in stock.

Milling to create profit

You usually have to mill your own herbs to be profitable with inscription. The off-hand and vantus rune both require Maroon Ink and Ultramarine Ink, whereas the contracts only require Ultramarine Ink. Ultramarine ink is cheap enough that you can probably buy it rather than milling. If you choose to mill for ultramarines you can turn the crimson pigments into War-scrolls or talent reset tomes. 

For the Maroon Ink you will have to mill your own zin’anthid. Luckily it’s very easy and even very easy to calculate. One Zin’anthid is equal to 0.6 Maroon pigment and thus maroon ink. 

TSM material costs

TSM will use the crafting value for pigments, which is based on the cheapest herb you can mill to acquire the pigments. It works pretty well out of the box, but it can be a little hard to understand if you just look at the prices. Just remember that the crafting value for pigments is based on the cost of herbs. 

TSM Settings

I added all the items to my Inscription groups. Since none of these items are new in terms of category, we will be using the same settings Iæve previously used for posting contracats, offhands and vantus runes. Overall you want to repost often on raid reset days for vantus runes, and just evenly across the week for the contracts and off-hands. 

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