BfA Goldmaking: Jewelcrafting, Alchemy and Enchanting in 8.3

I’ve not yet covered these three professions in 8.3, and the reason is of course because there are so few changes to them. All three barely got any new recipes, but they did get some, so we should at least take a quick look at them. 


Jewelcrafting got a single new tradeable recipe, the Uncanny Combatant’s intuitive staff. As with most uncanny gear this should sell fairly well. You can either go with the staff or the spellblade from blacksmithing and the offhand for inscription. Both of those are relatively expensive, as is the staff, so it can sustain at a decently high price and still be a strong option. 

Outside of the staff the main goldmaking method for jewelcrafting is of course to prospect osmenite ore and cut the gems. This is not profitable on every realm, but where it is it is usually a decent moneymaker. 


Alchemy sadly did not get any new tradeable recipes. The only new recipe they got was the BoP alchemy stone trinket that scales up to item level 470. Of course this has no effect on the goldmaking potential of alchemy at all. The only thing it does is drive up the price of zin’anthid and anchor weed a little bit as it requires a HEFTY amount of those. 

Alchemy in 8.3 will thus be very similar to how it’s been for a while. You want to sell greater flasks, battle potions, potions of unbridled fury and abyssal healing potion as these are the main goldmaking relevant recipes for alchemy. You usually need both rank 3 and the buff from the tool of the trade active to be profitable, so if you don’t have those two yet you are better off in other markets. 


Enchanting is in the exact same spot as jewelcrafting. Enchanters get one new recipe, an uncanny Combatant wand useable by casters. As with all other uncanny gear it usually sells for a profit. I don’t have much specific experience with this one, but I have found that Uncanny gear does really well. 

Outside of this new recipe you will stick to the old staples to make gold here. The 8.2 ring enchants are in-demand. With the coprruption system the old patch 8.0 weapon enchants with secondary stat procs got way better. Since a lot of specs run huge amounts of secondary stats through corruption these are way more popular and Versatile Navigation in particular is popular for PvP-ers. 

Selling uncanny gear

I won’t share a TSM import this time around, as it’s a little overkill for two items. In stead for Uncanny gear you want to craft up to 5 or 10 of each item. Then you just add them to a group from the basic group window as seen below (this is tsm 4.10, but it looks similar enough on 4.9). After that you want to make an operation that looks like the screenshot below. 

Lastly we have to add a custom price for expulsom. I craft it with tailoring bracers primarily and I use the custom source: 


You can just enter that directly in the crafting reports view as the expulsom price as shown below. 

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